Facility management

CAFM - perfect property and facility management, fully GEFMA 444 certified.

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Network management

NET - fully integrated system for network / cable management and billing.

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Broadband planning

FTTx - comprehensive system for planning and operating fiber optic networks.

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Software for CAFM, Networking and fibre management

Complex tasks require powerful software software such as iTWO fm.

We are software specialists for CAFM, Network Management and FTTx planning and installation.

iTWO fm supports processes in a diverse and flexible manner. This makes your users more efficient and creates a plus in security. Of course, also with questions of liability and operator obligations.

Would you like to use cloud services? Do you need a web help desk or apps? iTWO fm supports your application with exactly the software tools you need.

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CAFM Software und Netzwork-Management with iTWO fm!

Transparency, efficient workflows, fast results, cost reduction and security.

Simple Use

Self-explanatory and logical. With this, iTWO quickly establishes itself as your central IWMS and CAFM software.

Reporting and BI

Show performance, raise potential, document success: the reporting in iTWO fm makes it easy for you with dashboards, evaluations and analyzes. Also with the comprehensive business intelligence solution if required iTWO BI +.

workflow management

Structured and safe to the goal, according to standard or individualized: You can easily do this with iTWO fm standard processes. Individually expandable. Integrated throughout.

Single point of truth

Regardless of whether you manage CAFM, networks or much more - iTWO fm always works on the same platform. On-premise, in the cloud, with apps.


More than 35 modules

individually put together for you

iTWO fm has a modular and flexible structure. This gives you the opportunity to combine modules as you wish. This is the reason why a wide variety of industries have chosen iTWO fm. The modules can be seamlessly integrated with other iTWO product lines such as Finance, DMS or eVergabe in the MTWO Cloud. With just one login and without traditional silo thinking.


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The future of the building industry

With iTWO fm, you expand the real estate life cycle to include facility management. iTWO fm closes the gap between planning and operation and is therefore the perfect tool for real estate lifecycle management. This means that you can go directly from planning & construction to operation. With our 6D solution, you map the entire real estate lifecycle in just one software in the cloud. Certified and with data centers in Germany (other locations on request).

Plan and decide smarter with 6D BIM in the cloud

MTWO is the first cloud platform of its kind that maps BIM-based holistic project management in the cloud. It combines 3D design with 4D time and 5D cost simulation. The software supports you visually with data-based decisions for your projects and your company. Simply simulate and compare several 5D scenarios in order to achieve the best time-cost ratio. The building operation gives you a decisive plus: Fully integrated 6D.




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