5 good reasons for our new name RIB IMS

5 good reasons for our new name RIB IMS
mh 5 good reasons »RIB IMS
Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heinrichs, MA

Michael studied architecture before he discovered software - so sustainably that he has been a member of the RIB IMS management for over ten years. If you can't find Michael in the office or with customers, he's probably out and about with his family, relaxed diving or enthusiastic skiing in winter.

You have probably already taken it from the media and of course it is also shown on our new website: The "IMS Gesellschaft für Informations- und Managementsysteme" has been called "RIB IMS" since August 18, 2020.

The change of our company name is no coincidence and we didn't have to weigh the possible advantages and disadvantages for long. Because: The advantages clearly outweigh the advantages. Why do we think that?

When the RIB SE decided two years ago to become active as a co-owner with us, the intention was to exploit the potential of our CAFM software to raise faster and to be able to play it in the market.

In the meantime we have not only achieved that, but much more (and we still have a lot to do):

  1. Thanks to the commitment of RIB SE, we were able to increase our development capacities and incorporate new technologies more quickly.
  2. We have had ours for the past two years CAFM solution as part of the iTWO business solution made available.
  3. We also enable other RIB customers to expand their existing management skills to cover the entire real estate life cycle.
  4. This makes the RIB Group one of the few full-service software providers available in the cloud in the field of planning, construction and operation.
  5. And last but not least, we are the constant for facility management in the RIB network, also internationally.

Therefore, in our opinion, it was only natural to document this close connection in the name of our company. We are therefore positioning ourselves even more clearly as a member of the RIB family.

The product portfolio of the "new" RIB IMS is of course fully the same as that of the previous IMS.

The name change will only have an impact on our products in such a way that we give existing and new customers even easier integrative access to a significantly more extensive range of software including BIM solutions.

5 reasons why IMS is now called RIB IMS

The proven strengths of the IMS are also continued in the RIB IMS: close customer contact and strong customer orientation, progressive software development, timely integration of new technologies and now also highly integrative solutions from the cloud and MTWO.

What is particularly important to you and us:

As a user, you of course keep the contact persons you know and trust at our local offices in Berlin, Dinslaken, Philippsburg or Lucerne. In addition, there are other skills, for example in Stuttgart or Freiburg. And thanks to the capital base of the RIB, we offer a significant plus in security compared to our competitors in the current challenging times.

In essence, the RIB IMS remains the IMS. Only that we cover a wider range and can offer you more innovative strength and security.

That lets us look to the future with optimism.


Best regards

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