New name, proven performance: IMSWARE becomes iTWO fm

Software renaming from IMSWARE to iTWO fm

It's impossible to miss - this year is the year of change for us. After we opened the IMS in August in RIB IMS the renaming of our software IMSWARE now follows: With the upcoming release at the beginning of next year, IMSWARE will be called iTWO fm continued.

What is the Reason?

About two years ago, we started to offer the features of IMSWARE to the users of the iTWO-Products from RIB accessible. Step by step, we have been able to advance the integration and expand the spectrum. These solutions are already available as iTWO fm in use with RIB clients.

In the meantime, with integration, we are at the point that our CAFM-software portfolio works together with many other iTWO products. The logical conclusion is to now highlight IMSWARE as a full-fledged member of the iTWO family of solutions market-wide, as:

iTWO fm

iTWO fm is the software of the RIB group for the operational phase. By integrating it into the iTWO family, users are able to organise, accompany and control all process steps with iTWO applications, from planning to construction to the operational phase and beyond.



The Good thing about it: The software stays the same.

For you as a user, everything remains the same as you have known it for a long time, except for the name and the logo of the software. You will continue to use all the previous features of IMSWARE for your Facility- and network management.

And we will continue to drive development intensively and work on the pulse of innovation. In this way, you will continue to have an up-to-date and needs-based solution at your disposal, whether for BIMin mobility, artificial intelligence, IoT or other topics that are relevant for the market and your work in everyday life.

Something else is good for you:

From now on, you can use iTWO fm as a building block in the lifecycle planning of your real estate and network it with other iTWO building blocks such as those for BIM. And the deployment is also seamless in the Azure-based Cloud-platform MTWO, from a Microsoft-computer centre with GDPR-compliant location Germany.

This provides you with tools for tracking defects in the construction process, for example. The connection to e-tendering, finance and business intelligence. Or those with which you can have the effects of current faults and plant data extrapolated live and automatically in order to always be able to make the best decision.

RIB competence center facility management (FM)

The step to rename IMSWARE to iTWO fm also demonstrates our position as CAFM driver in the RIB Group to the outside world: we are the competence centre for the operational phase and as such occupy a key position.

In marketing, someone would probably now text "Everything stays better!" We prefer to keep it simple and do our job: to provide efficient CAFM software for you.

And it is no longer called IMSWARE, but from now on iTWO fm.


Best regards

New name, proven performance: IMSWARE becomes iTWO fm signature MH RIB IMS

New name, proven performance: IMSWARE becomes iTWO fm mh RIB IMS
Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heinrichs, MA

Michael studied architecture before discovering software for himself - and did so so sustainably that he has been part of the RIB IMS management team for over ten years. If you don't find Michael in the office or with customers, he's probably out with his family, going scuba diving or skiing enthusiastically in winter.

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