BIM export from ArchiCAD

ArchiCat and iTWO fm

BIM-Export from Archicad also with native iTWO fm-Profile

It is basically a Knighthood: The Software House Graphisoft has its CAD- and BIM software Archicad around a BIM export profile for iTWO fm expanded. Archicad is one of the leading CAD applications worldwide, its developer Graphisoft is part of the Nemetschek Group.

Error-free folders

The newly added export profile for iTWO fm allows users to easily assign of the CAFM-Connect-Keys to objects and elements in the Archicad BIM model, these for Error-free and CAFM-compliant BIM mapping to make it usable.

BIM export from ArchiCAD undraw Mind map re nlb6 RIB IMS

CAFM capability as a bonus

Taking it one step further the integration of the DBD BIM plug-in in Archicad. Will it be used here for sampling and tendering the service specifications in the construction phase and DBD BIM sampling with the aim of achieving AVA created, there are the CAFM capability of the model is automatically added as a bonus, so to speak.

Graphic always there

In both variants - iTWO fm BIM Export Profile or DBD BIM - the graphically based BIM model is always included for export. Surfaces and objects are thus at any time also visible in iTWO fm. This is possible because the export path in both cases is via the plug-in in the authoring system leads.

BIM export from ArchiCAD undraw Design feedback re 8gtk RIB IMS

Option: Maintenance plans

Also Maintenance plans can be automatically selected via the above two ways to iTWO fm. The prerequisite is that Data collectors and organisations like VDMA and AMEV the possibility in IFC to map maintenance plans and activities. By the way, this is already for over 20 years integrated into the Industry Foundation Classes. It is treated only too stepmotherly.

Transfer per BCF

The Maintenance plans stored in IFC can then be sent by BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) into the Archicad authoring system or into the iTWO fm CAFM system. In this way, the plans are directly in both solutions available and can facilitate productive work with BIM and CAFM support.

BIM export from ArchiCAD undraw version control re mg66 RIB IMS

update: Archicad 26

However, I must not forget this hint: In order to be able to use the iTWO fm BIM export profile in Archicad, the following is required an update to the current software version Archicad 26 necessary. It also offers Improved surface overlays, a Navigator search, a Attribute management and whoever wants to can even own GDL-based library elements without having to have programming knowledge in the Archicad programming environment GDL.

RIB IMS Team Christof Duvenbeck
Contribution recorded by: Dr. Christof Duvenbeck

Dr Christof Duvenbeck has been driving the development of CAFM systems since 1998. He uses the expert knowledge he has acquired in various roles in development, consulting and sales to develop digital transformation topics such as BIM, AI and IoT to market maturity and standardise them for use in the operational phase. For RIB IMS GmbH, Christof dares to do something new to make the tried and tested even better and is responsible for the areas of Key Accounting and International Sales.

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