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CAFM in the desert CAFM in the desert »RIB IMS
Article submitted by: Midia Mikolai

Midia is actually from Dortmund, but moved to Dubai in May 2007. It has been selling iTWO fm and IMSWARE there since 2011 and, in addition to Dubai, also looks after the market for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. When Midia is not doing CAFM projects, she prefers to be at home, tending her garden and having friends over.

When CAFM is mentioned, most of them look on their doorstep and the climate there is temperate. But there are also completely different regions, and the prevailing extreme weather conditions require a completely different facility management - with consequences for that CAFM. Our colleague Midia Mikolai has been looking after the Arabian Peninsula from the United Arab Emirates for 9 years and knows the differences firsthand.

Air Con ridge

In Germany, space management and cleaning are the alpha and omega of FM. In the Arab world, too, space and cleanliness are essential aspects of facility management, but a third focus is always on par with them: the air conditioning.

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40 ° C normal

With temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and more on many days of the year, it is essential that the air conditioning works reliably. In addition, sandstorms are frequent and can damage the heat exchangers and filters on the house roofs.

Frequent Controls

While the heating and air conditioning system is checked once a year in Germany, the frequency on the Arabian Peninsula is three months for the Air Cons. Then a specialist company moves in, dismantles the units on the roof, blows free with compressed air, rinses out, disinfects whatever is health-relevant, and reassembles the system. And for that you need CAFM?

Deadline closely

Absolutely. Because air conditioning is a bit like heating in our part of the world: if you need it, it fails and the craftsmen are repairing somewhere else. And even if the seasons don't fluctuate very much so close to the equator, they still exist. And then the specialists are scarce here too.


CAFM in the desert

Long-term planning and Overview

The CAFM system supports the facility manager in long-term planning. The system can remind you of maintenance appointments at an early stage or book them yourself. All system components and are recorded in the system. Likewise, anomalies that have been reported and should be followed up. Accordingly, service providers can be briefed in advance and the work can be monitored in a targeted manner.


It is also important that the facility managers are secured via the CAFM system. They can prove their maintenance and control activities. And if something happens, it is easier to take recourse against those responsible or to enforce warranty claims.

CAFM sought-after helper

Without question, CAFM systems are in great demand in the Arab world. And with the increasing complexity of building technology, the need will increase, especially since the willingness to adapt new technologies is much higher here than in Germany. This creates a certain amount of pressure that can play into the hands of system manufacturers. But you need to know space, cleaning and air conditioning. And IoT - in addition to English and Arabic. With the iTWO fm / IMSWARE we are well positioned.


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