Christmas: Electric, but maintenance-free!

Christmas: Electric, but maintenance-free! christmas RIB IMS

Every year we celebrate Christmas. That's how it has been for about 2000 years, and many a custom has changed in this immense period of time. The latest development gradually wipes out the classic foldable Christmas card in favor of an animated digital counterpart. A good idea?

Difficult Decision

The question is difficult to decide. On the one hand there is the haptic charm of getting a card, opening the envelope, reading the card and perhaps even putting it on the windowsill, desk or sideboard. Add to that the personal aspect, which is expressed in some handwritten words.

On the other side is the effort. Of course it is important to take time for people who are important to you. But as a company, could not we use that time much more profitably for our customers if we did not write any more cards?

Digital and maintenance free

We counted it high and got paperwork on a full man's day - just for marketing, sales and management. We take on consulting and support ... - but whose employees do a great deal of work around the cards, precisely because it costs so much time in total.

Therefore, we have decided to put this year once again on paper and from 2019 only digitally wish a happy holiday. This has two advantages: We have more time for you than prospects and customers. And more prospects and customers receive our Christmas wishes (then would not ask the anxious question, who could be happy a card and who is rather annoying).

More mail, more joy - everywhere

The increase in mail arises because the digital version is also greeted by the timid employees. So they are the first who are happy.

Next, we hope, the many people who have already received mail from us, and also those who have not received any mail and in the future can be considered with our good wishes.

And as a third, those who donate the money we've invested so far for maps, postage and working hours are happy. Every year, there will be others, charitable associations, people in need in our environment, foundations and people who simply enjoy some support, be it for education, sport or other achievements. We will not hang on to the big bell, but let's just say it.

Got it?

We hope you agree with us: the celebration of love should be accompanied by good deeds.

And so our project also finds your approval?


Happy holidays and a good start into the new year

Christmas: Electric, but maintenance-free! signature MH RIB IMS
IMS Team Michael Heinrichs
Contribution recorded by: Michael Heinrichs

Michael studied architecture before he discovered software for himself - and so persistently that he has been part of the IMS management team for more than ten years. If you can not find Michael in the office or at the customer's, he'll be out and about with his family, going for a relaxed dive or skiing enthusiastically. The latter only in winter.

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