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Normally, you start and finish your education in a company. For me it was different, because my first training company has had a somewhat strange view of training. At that time, I thought, "Oh no!". Today I think. "Fortunately!" Where, of course, such a sentence reads diagonally in the blog of my new employer, but: I can justify him :-).

Before I go to IMS came, I studied biotechnology and chemistry, but that did not fill me in. So I accepted an offer from the German Employees Academy DAA and started training as a systems integrator for a large logistics company. There should be a takeover after the promotion by the DAA. But it did not follow at the deadline and I was without warning in the middle of training in the void.

I then sent a lot of applications as a systems integrator and as an application developer, but I find the integrator more exciting because of the variety of tasks. Coincidentally, IMS had one apprenticeship open and I was invited to a job interview. Immediately afterwards I got my desk in the IT department.

Why I am glad to be with IMS afterwards has two main things to do: the tasks and the colleagues.

Compared to the logistics specialist, today I have a greater variety of tasks to solve and I am granted a lot of freedom for independent solutions. In doing so, IMS places a lot of trust in the employees and also gives us trainees responsibility - for example, I did a BIOS update on the computers very early on.

And unlike my first apprenticeship, my work is attentively accompanied by my colleagues and I can always contact someone who will provide me with sound information. Even for the actual product development, there is a good line.

Since summer 2018 I am now at IMS, so a good year. I got to know many areas here and got involved in new topics, including Oracle, Powershell and of course IMSWARE myself. For Powershell I currently write a script with about 800 lines, which has a GUI among other things. It will later start and stop virtual machines and manage their snapshots.

There is one thing that is hard for me to say, what annoys or dislikes me. There is nothing there. That also reads ordered in the company blog, but what should I do? It's just so.

I am happy to be here my education. She is just very good.


Best regards

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IMS Team Marc Bückmann
Contribution recorded by: Marc Bückmann

As a trainee Marc is already deeply integrated in the IT service at IMS. He is responsible for backend processes, PC and server setup. He is also on the road with troubleshooting. When Marc is not involved with hardware, software, Oracle and PowerShell, he devotes himself to other technology and science topics at home.

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