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In IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 we have again invested a lot of thoughts like that CAFM system can be used even more effectively for users. Which elements are frequently used? What content is particularly important to users? How can these be provided even better? With questions like these, we came across the dashboard and the need to significantly expand its capabilities. We rolled out the result with the new release 4.0: the Dashboard Designer.

Unique in the market

The Dashboard Designer is unique in the market. As far as we know, there is no second CAFM-system, which enables its users to compile and design dashboards exactly according to their own requirements. This is exactly what is possible with the newly developed Dashboard Designer:

Curves, Pies, Columns

By making the dashboard more flexible, any diagrams, tables and evaluations can now be combined into completely individual dashboards. These can refer to one object, but also combine objects across the board. The arbitrary combination of tables, curves, bar charts and pie charts makes it possible to make significantly more complex and at the same time more transparent statements about real estate and properties - and this across the entire range of displayable data. dates!


Energy, cleaning and more

You need all the information on your energy consumption, want to evaluate it in a staggered manner and present it clearly? Combine a list of consumption values with a pie chart of the energy sources consumed and a bar chart that sorts your buildings by descending values. Or you would like to costs from the planned and unplanned maintenance compare? Compile curves on times and costs and compare them in the dashboard.


Once or more

n important aspect of the new Dashboard Designer is that you can save each evaluation - not only its result, but also the individually compiled dashboard. You can even assign an action to it so that it is available at any time at the touch of a button. This not only saves your time, it also lets you carry out important evaluations more often, because you can start them immediately when you need them.

Dashboard Designer IMSWARE.GO! 4.0

Available immediately

The Dashboard Designer is equipped with the new IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 available and can be licensed. Users can then immediately use the new functions for their evaluations.


Best regards

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Contribution recorded by: Lars Hilsmann

Lars is a consultant at IMS, responsible for app development and parts of product management. The self-confessed BVB fan prefers to spend his free time - if he has any - with his family: football with his sons, tennis with his daughter and relaxed chats with his wife.

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