Data quality is not magic

Data quality is not magic

Databases are elementary for the work in the Facility and network management. Over the years they grow, and with them the unnecessary ballast they carry. This includes duplicates as well as outdated dates and changed parameters such as new locations of units.

With IMSWARE However, it is easy to identify and correct such correspondence.

First: nomenclature!

Good nomenclature is essential for good data quality. Only if nomenclature is consistent and stringent can data be reliably managed, corrected and updated. The nomenclature should also take into account two other points: internal process flows and compliance requirements. An important point when defining the nomenclature is to keep the purpose of the data use in mind. This should also make it clear: Enough time should be allocated for the development of the nomenclature, because the more complex the content and task structure, the more complex the nomenclature needs to be.

Structure and monitor...

To ensure that the data is reliable and can be easily checked, a clear structure is essential. Coherent logic is the best advisor here, because then queries can also be executed reliably. Once the concept has been defined, it must be implemented in the company in a binding and consistent manner. Interpretations by colleagues must be prevented.

By the way: If the database is to be used in several languages, all queries must be defined and, of course, tested in several languages.

Search and find?

Once the database is set up correctly, the work can begin. One example would be to find duplicates. With tabular databases, sorting by the relevant criterion is often sufficient. With extensive data sets, as in the FM on the other hand, a targeted query is necessary. If fuzzy duplicates are to be found, for example entries with typing errors, only special tools such as the DeduplicationWizard or the DataQualityTools can help. For certain searches, unique criteria such as the MAC address could be used for IT devices. For rooms or their furnishings, the unique room markers help to narrow down the result set.

And now: keep an eye on things.

Databases grow and change constantly. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the consistency of the data and to constantly update the databases. Then you will be able to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

In this sense...

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This blog post is based on the more detailed article "Ensuring data quality using software", published in the LANline 03/2017.

IMS Team Sandro Oldenburg
Contributed by: Sandro Oldenburg

Sandro is one of IMS's database specialists. When Sandro is not optimising clients' databases, he drives his little Fiat 500 around the track at what feels like just as many things - speed is, after all, a good answer in many cases.

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