Digitization: ready for a new future?

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Being digitally positioned raises promising expectations, shows wonderful and successful business models, but lives less from big promises than from the attitude, experience and handling of a company. Terms such as service optimisation, increased efficiency, savings and the networking of new business areas entice people to join the queue of companies that are setting themselves up anew as quickly as possible, and to take advantage of the new opportunities. Project "Go digital". Everyone wants to be part of it. Whoever brakes loses!

Is that right? Is fast good, slow bad? Am I already too late or is there still time? And how do I proceed - what is important, what is unimportant?

Digitization needs strategy ...

In principle, digitisation projects should be set up and approached strategically and thus in the sense of a longer-term plan. But mindchange does not happen overnight and requires new, fresh minds or / and experienced professionals to bridge the gap.

The assessment and making available of relevant datesAs an essential raw material for digitalisation, companies tend to focus on data strategies rather than overarching digital strategies, accompanied by investments in data, people and technology. Addressing the topic of "digital strategy" requires a mindset that encompasses digital business models, organisations, products and processes across the board. Dealing with the sole focus on the topic of data falls short and is not sufficient. The same applies to the detached development of partial solutions without taking the overall strategy into account.

...and is managed top-down

Digital transformation is not a topic that individual operational units or technical specialists should take care of. It requires strategic thinking that is led top down and digs deep into the entire organisation, where it makes the structured adjustments that are necessary to make the entire company fit for the future.

It is important to clarify the status quo of the company as a matter of priority. Where do I actually stand in the mapping of digital developments? Which processes are already digitally underpinned, which are digitally accompanied in certain areas and which processes are still running without a digital component?

A bit like football teams

This approach can be wonderfully applied to the strategy of a football club that competes with an existing team, faces different opponents and ultimately wants to win the winner's trophy as the best team. The coach sets the overall strategy, has the overall goal in mind, and determines how his team and the individual players will play. This overall strategy is decisive for the game and depends on many factors. For example, the skills of the individual players available (such as their football technique, agility, speed, stamina, etc.), the team structure, their team development and their level of training, and especially the adaptation to the respective opponent. The coach puts these individual components together in the right composition and ensures that the team is victorious in its interaction, that the overall concept supports the strategy in a goal-oriented way.

This view and approach can be wonderfully applied to the strategic digital orientation and positioning of a company - on a large and small scale.

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Goal: Competitiveness

In our case, the area responsible for real estate must fit into the overall concept of the company in terms of setting goals and approach them with topic-specific solution paths, but with the same kind of methodology.

The aim is to position itself successfully and competitively in full for the future.

Are you ready for the "Go digital" project? With the right strategy score the goal!

Best regards

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Digitization Ready for the future Martina Reinholz
Guest contribution recorded by: Martina Reinholz

Martina studied psychology in Munich and the USA before discovering the interplay between people and real estate. She currently runs two consulting companies in the field of real estate and, as vice president of the FM Chamber of the Swiss Real Estate Industry (SVIT FM Switzerland) the development of the industry. When Martina is not in the office, with clients or at trade events, she is cooking with family and friends, enthusiastic about art and culture or enjoying "la dolce vita" in her new home in Lugano, Switzerland.

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