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Thus IFC Component sharp

For years we have been talking about Planning, building, operating and rightly think that this is the case. The sequence is correct in terms of time and can be applied to any construction site. Verify easily. But:

Plan, operate

With a view to dates is the Order not decisive, because almost all of the Information relevant to the operating phase already lie in the Execution phase before. The construction progress is only of interest insofar as changes to the data are reported promptly to the CAFM system should be accessible, preferably of course "as built" and in the Open BIM-Senses in the IFC format. And there lurks the problem.

IFC is many things

Today we are already constructing many buildings with the BIM methodology and this is accompanied by the problem of identifying different Connect IFC files to have to. Because not all BIM is the same and not all IFC is the same. And that has many reasons.

BIM model

Fine granulation the data quality

For example, the question of Fine granulation of data qualityThe BIM management and the respective trades perform their respective tasks with great care and fulfil the client information requirements, AIA. Two questions play a central role here:

  • - Are all attributes relevant for the operational phase recorded in mappable entities so that a fire damper can also be exported in the IFC class "IfcDamper" intended for this purpose and not in a placeholder class such as "IfcBuildingElementProxy"?
  • - If in the IFC class for the later assignment to a concrete CAFM-class, a unique assignment criterion such as the CAFM-Connect component type code or the DBD-BIMKey is also transferred, so that a mapping is also possible if the component type code or the DBD-BIMKey is used. buildingSmart no corresponding IFC class has (yet) been defined?

In addition to this organisational component, there is now a software-related one, and this weighs at least as heavily.

IFC exports from BIM software

Some authoring systems like ArchiCAD and Revit offer for the IFC export a mapping of the graphical entities in CAFM-capable IFC classes an. These systems can also be equipped with Relations and assign doors and windows to rooms or components to assemblies and systems. But here too, these assignments can only be used for CAFM systems once they have been made, if they are also retained during IFC export. Whether this is the case depends not only on the basic possibility of IFC export but also on the Qualification of the person using the software, whose Expertise in dealing with the authoring tool used and the deployed version as of.

1 building, 12 models, 0 Intersection

In practice, IFC files often have to be combined to form an overall model. a Federation Model - be merged. In one case we were given 12 IFC files of different planners and trades from different authoring tools were made available. Everything was called IFC and looked smartbut in the end the files were so inconsistentthat from them No intersection to merge. What was the reason? It started with the fact that some of the GUIDs not uniform were so that the models of the same building simply could not be summarised. And that is just one example from the surface.

DIN BIM Cloud standardised

However, the example also shows how essential it is that the DIN BIM Cloud exists. It may not be a norm, but it is ultimately a de facto normbecause more and more people in charge are using them as Scale and default for their data quality, and for good reasons.

"The DIN BIM Cloud has shown me how simple BIM can be and without it our BIM4FM-.Project not so successful"says Christine Proksch, project manager of the BIM project at DIN.

Component sharp

Because with the DIN BIM Cloud it is possible, Manage all components in a component-specific mannerincluding their Main attributes.
The DIN BIM Cloud not only contains Countless data for planning and building, it has since been extended by FM-relevant characteristics and attributes expanded. The Supplement with further FM-relevant data continues to run and the Inclusion of characteristics and attributes on the subject of sustainabilityt is to take place in the short term.

Connected world with Gaia-X


Not only for CAFM, but also for AVA Component-specific allocations have to be made for the Drawing up of bills of quantities for construction work (for AVA) and Service specifications (for CAFM). Because only in this way can the individual positions Absolutely identical represent, number, calculate and align. Only the focal points are different. If the Focus in CAFM on the characteristics of the Technical installationsIn AVA solutions, it lies on the construction costs. Conversely Cost information but also provide a great benefit in CAFM - for the cost calculation of components to be replaced at the time of replacement.

iTWO fm from BIM software

We as RIB IMS would like the Performance features of the DIN BIM Cloud for CAFM. This means that we have in iTWO fm already the ID, the DBD-BIMKey recorded, are working on a full interface to DIN BIM Cloudthe DBD-BIM interface, and will the corresponding data also be iTWO AVA, so that we can different accesses available and can also supplement data structures independently of the respective phase from planning to operation.

Advantage for the Applying

In parallel we have a further success to book: The DIN BIM Cloud uses iTWO fm as a hosting-Variant. In the future, we and thus our users will be All the advantages of the DIN BIM Cloud also in iTWO fm use and benefit from them.

IMS Team Christof Duvenbeck
Contribution entered by: Dr. Christof Duvenbeck

Dr Christof Duvenbeck has been driving the development of CAFM systems since 1998. He uses the expert knowledge he has acquired in various roles in development, consulting and sales to develop digital transformation topics such as BIM, AI and IoT to market maturity and standardise them for use in the operational phase. For RIB IMS GmbH, Christof dares to do something new to make the tried and tested even better and is responsible for the areas of Key Accounting and International Sales.

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