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International Women's Day - what do women think about RIB IMS?


Women are in IT company have long since ceased to be mythical creatures, similar to a unicorn in the meadow. Currently working at RIB IMS are 15 womenwho are in key positions important and responsible work perform. They work in development, UI design, quality assurance, documentation, consulting and customer support. We asked them why they are with us - and also what we can do better. Unfortunately, not all of the women in our team liked to answer, but a few did. And they show a clear edge:

Why you are with RIB IMS?

I have been with RIB IMS for many years and appreciate the very good working environment.

Michelle: I am at RIB IMS because, firstly, I am totally interested in the industry and I have always been interested in IT anyway. Here I can combine my interest with my job. Secondly, I like the working atmosphere; I like the togetherness. Thirdly, you get appreciation for what you do.

Charleen: I am here because they were looking for someone like me 😉 I just fit in here. Most of my colleagues are on the same wavelength as me and the work is never boring. There is always something to do and I can develop freely.

Kathleen: I have been with RIB IMS for many years and appreciate the very good working environment. There are many nice colleagues and always new challenges.

Andrea: Interesting field of activity, new challenges, nice colleagues and supervisors - that's why I like being at RIB IMS.

Linda: After my parental leave and some time in my old job, I realised that the old job no longer fits my current life situation and it's time for something new. That's exactly what RIB IMS is.

What do you like to RIB IMS?

Kathleen: The compatibility of job and family and the nice environment.

Andrea: The values for which RIB IMS stands. Reliability, consistency, commitment, competence, respectful interaction at eye level.

Linda: Nice colleagues, respectful interaction with each other and simply a good togetherness.

Michelle: Here I can devote myself to everything that interests me. You get the chance to work on and create things that don't exactly correspond to the actual job profile and you get complete trust. You are trusted to do something!

Charleen: It's been great here so far. "Loose and committed", as it says on the homepage, is indeed true. What I also really like is that you get support from all sides, no matter whether it's professional or when things go wrong in your private life. Flat hierarchies are actually exemplified here, just as you would expect.

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What do you like not to RIB IMS?

Charleen: More training could be offered by the company. Of course, you can always go to the management with ideas, but a little more initiative from the management level would be very nice.

Andrea: I haven't been here that long, so it's a bit anonymous for me, maybe also because of Corona,because a lot of colleagues work from home at the moment.

Linda: I can't think of anything.

Kathleen: I can't think of anything right now either - and I've been working here for a very long time.

Did you make it to RIB IMS as a woman? heavier among so many men?

I have always experienced RIB IMS as an employer that also allows mothers to balance work and family life.

Andrea: No.

Michelle: No! Honestly, sometimes I think it's even easier to be among several men. But sometimes you miss a female voice here and there, because mentally we women tick a little differently, which men can't understand. But it's the same the other way round 😉

Kathleen: I actually think I had a harder time at the beginning. I had to prove myself more than male employees. But that was quite a few years ago. Today, after so many years, I think it's more of an advantage.

Linda: I have been an employee at RIB IMS for almost three years and have never had the feeling of being a second-class employee or treated worse. On the contrary, I have always found RIB IMS to be an employer that also allows mothers to balance work and family life.

Charleen: Nope 🙂 . What counts here, as mentioned above, is that the wavelength is right, which basically means: openness, willingness to cooperate and that everyone understands their own job and does it well.

In the Management are (still) four men - Are you missing a women's quota there?

Michelle: It would be nice if this is balanced and is at 50/50.

Kathleen: A woman in a higher position would certainly be an advantage for the company.

Kathrin: In my view, people should hold (senior) positions for which they are suited. I am not a fan of quotas - as long as the most suitable person is promoted.

Charleen: I don't miss the quota either, because whoever is willing and able and there is a place free, may. Our management and team leaders were selected on the basis of experience and ability. That adds up to several years of service with the company, which is more than deserved.

Andrea: Not directly a women's quota, but it would be nice to have more women in leadership positions in the future. Gladly also at the RIB.

Linda: I think that gender doesn't matter at all. I think there are four people in the management who have been associated with RIB IMS for a long time and who are 100 per cent behind it. product stand. I find that very important. The fact that these are now four men is irrelevant from my point of view.

Women embracing each other on International Women's Day

What do you want from RIB IMS with View of women and women's issues?

Charleen: Everything I wished for and addressed was implemented... Maybe hygiene products in the toilets? Maybe our mothers can tell us more about what it's like with children and reintegration after parental leave, unfortunately I don't have any experience.

Kathleen: I think it would be good if we also reported on everyday life here in the company to the outside world. Reconciling work and family life is not a matter of course, especially for women, and unfortunately it is still an issue today. That still puts off young women in particular. And maybe participation in Girls' Day would be an idea.

Michelle: I wish from RIB IMS (but in general from all companies here in Germany) that it is seen that women have just as much power I would like to see women doing the same work as men, being paid the same and having the same say. With regard to family, I would like women not to be afraid to have children. Women who have children can still work just like women without. That is respected at RIB IMS. I think that's great and gives you security.

Kathrin: I would like the wording in general, i.e. letters, training documents, manuals as well as field names in the software to no longer bear only the male designations according to the current standards.

And what do you wish for generally with a view to International Women's Day?

Charleen: Fortunately, we can say that we live in a country where we are doing well. A utopian wish, which I hope will one day be a reality for everyone, is that every woman in the whole world should be allowed to live equally, like all human beings, and not have to fear for her life and mental health just because she was born "with the wrong sex". This simply cannot be, we are all human beings with equal value, no matter what we are.

Kathrin: I wish that one day this day will no longer be necessary - because the differences will hopefully be overcome one day. This is how I feel about all days that highlight discrimination issues.

Kathleen: I would like to see role stereotypes being further dismantled. We are on the way, but it is still a long way. In Germany, women are treated well and there are many professional opportunities, but even here there are enough people who condemn women being independent and self-reliant and not just being mothers and housewives. However, the position of women must also be improved internationally.

Andrea: I think the same way. Equal treatment of men and women must be equalised worldwide: Equal rights, equal opportunities, equal prestige and equal pay.

Michelle: True. We women have just as much power as men. You don't need to distinguish anything!

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