IoT and CAFM - on the way to FM 4.0

IoT and CAFM - towards FM 4.0 IoT and CAFM towards FM 40 RIB IMS

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now also in CAFM solutions arrived.

The range of integration extends from the simple acceptance of messages to documentation and benchmarking to the complex interpretation of sensor signals and the triggering of correspondingly assigned processes - including the linking with work orders, indoor navigation to the workplace and verification of the execution.

Buzz word with benefits

For a long time, IoT was primarily a buzz word, without question. However, the technology behind it has now progressed a long way and has also found its way into CAFM-systems have found their way into the market.

Also IMSWARE is able to work with IoT components. The performance range is now far:

Clever sensor technology...

One option is that devices, machines and systems independently accumulate and evaluate the signals from their sensors and actuators and transmit the result to the CAFM solution from IMS transmit the messages. This logs the messages and triggers a suitable work order in parallel: Maintenance, control, repair - depending on the content of the message.

We have realised a corresponding solution with a supplier of combined water condensers and dispensers in Dubai. What is also special about this solution is the global component, as the signal processing is distributed over half the globe.

..but simple!

Alternatively, many users rely on inexpensive sensors that have been developed for a specific task. Their advantages are small size and low price. The intelligence to make meaningful statements from their signals is thus outsourced - for example, to the CAFM system.

IMS's solutions are also able to work together with sensors of this type. We take the values of the signals, merge them and derive from the cumulated dates necessary work. What are these?

This depends on the respective application scenario, the customer's specifications and, if applicable, the technical device or system, if such a device or system provides the data.

Order automation

For example, IMSWARE can generate a work order as a result of a message, assign it to a person and monitor its execution. Alternatively, the CAFM system can send simple notification emails based on the IoT signals, for example as a memo to users.

The system can also automatically generate an order, for example, to order consumables on time.

Pressure sensors in seating furniture and CO2 sensors in the ceiling help to detect whether a booked room is actually occupied or will be released after a certain period of time. This is also automatically controlled by the CAFM system in which the booking was made and which displayed it on a digital sign on the door of the respective room - also a use case for IoT.

Even in indoor navigation, CAFM and IoT work hand in hand: IoT sensor technology helps determine the location by means of triangulation and thus enables the CAFM system to display location-related data to the user on his laptop or in an app. For the maintenance of technical systems, the app can guide the fitter directly to the relevant system and display the corresponding maintenance map in parallel.

practical experience

With a view to the diversity of IoT approaches and solutions and the verbiage that accompanies them, one thing is indispensable: practical experience.

The task is to meaningfully condense and consolidate the multitude of data that can already be collected today in order to use them to FM-relevant conclusions and to support FM processes in a meaningful way.

IMS is compatible with the above outlined, international Project or also through the intensive cooperation with leading German (sic!) manufacturers for IoT sensor technology very well positioned to successfully fill IoT and CAFM with life in the most diverse constellations and with the most diverse objectives. This is how we can imagine "FM 4.0".

We are happy to provide you one Project report available to answer your questions about your plan or project.

All the best

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