The hospital of the future

Hospital of the future - CAFM & AI

The Future of the hospital is actually already there

When it comes to the hospital of the future, most people think of autonomously driving food transporters and robot surgeons. But a much more drastic development is taking place in the basement, so to speak: In the monitoring of technical systems, energy control and automatic bed and equipment tracking. Among other things.

None Dreams of the future

The composer of this music of the future for today is of course software, in this specific case a combination of the EcoStruxure for Healthcare solution package from Schneider Electric and the CAFM-System iTWO fm the RIB IMS. Each of them works on its own core tasks, together they provide the added value.


CAFM in the hospital

CAFM knows the hospital

Clinics that use a CAFM system already have the essential foundation in-house: dates to rooms and spaces, to technology and inventory. And often also on commercial topics. Or there is an interface to the commercial IT system in order to costs and savings of the Facility management to be able to quantify.

maintenance and operator obligations

The topics of maintenance and operator obligations are already placed on a secure footing through the use of a CAFM system. The software creates transparency and helps not only to fulfil the operator's obligations, but also to document and prove their fulfilment.

EcoStruxure for Healthcare
knows every bed

The combination with EcoStruxure for Healthcare elevates maintenance in iTWO fm to a higher level: the overall system detaches maintenance from rigid processes and maintenance schedules and adapts it flexibly to the actual conditions - thanks to sensor technology and algorithms, even as a artificial intelligence is designated. At the same time, this increases the security of supply because the technology recognises at an early stage where action is needed.

Beds localised

Since EcoStruxure for Healthcare and iTWO fm know every bed and every transportable device such as an ultrasound device, the beds and devices can also be located. This saves time because no one has to search for them, as a glance at the monitor is enough - a significant advantage especially when sterilising beds.

Anti-theft protection

At the same time, localisation functions as protection. This is because many devices are assigned to a ward. If they are removed from the ward, this triggers an alarm accordingly. Of course, this alarm can also be expanded into a clinic-wide theft protection. Then the tracking reacts as soon as a device is moved out of the defined area within the hospital and triggers an alarm again.

Datacenter for the infrastructure

The combination of EcoStruxure for Healthcare and iTWO fm also acts as a data centre for critical infrastructure. By implementing UPS, air conditioning and cyber security as services for IT and building automation, it creates the basis for secure operation of even sensitive elements in the hospital.

Automatic save

In addition, the combination of AI and CAFM can automatically leverage savings potential. Because the artificial intelligence of EcoStruxure for Healthcare collects data from systems and devices across all trades, the CAFM system receives the necessary information to optimally control heating, ventilation and air conditioning. To do this, it only needs to be equipped with the appropriate rights and interfaces.

Hospital of the future

Charging points on board

Even quite recent topics such as photovoltaics and charging columns for e-mobility are already a reality in the combined EcoStruxure for Healthcare and iTWO fm solution. Especially for new hospital buildings, they have long been demanded and of course implemented. And the next tasks are already in the pipeline.

CAFM, EcoStruxure for Healthcare, AI - more advantages for the clinic operation

The integration of EcoStruxure for Healthcare from Schneider Electric into the iTWO fm CAFM software from RIB IMS offers hospitals important advantages: Comprehensive transparency, high security, automated savings potential and being prepared for the future. This service package is unique in the market. Profit from it!



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Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan D'Oria

Stephan is an old CAFM hare - in 2001 he already wrote his diploma thesis on CAFM systems. After working as a consultant and project manager at various manufacturers, Stephan has been managing our branch in southern Germany for ten years and is responsible for activities in Austria and Switzerland. When he's not pondering about CAFM, Stephan runs a mountain marathon, goes mountain biking or plays soccer, and also likes to do it with his children.

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