Let's start with our new blog

Let's start with our new blog

In this blog, we will in future report on topics that are important in the everyday life of the Facility management and network topology are important and with software for CAFM and Network Management can be made easier, better, cheaper and safer. That's exactly what a blog is perfect for, we think.


Blog is short for web log, which originally meant a diary on the internet. A casual and personal format to take up content. Anytime. Through this framework, we can post in a loose sequence, write in a more relaxed way, look at the world from a user's point of view, weave in anecdotes and discuss topics that are often neglected in renowned magazines and online portals. If anyone takes them up at all.

But I will not write alone.

We have a number of specialists in house who are involved in this blog-Project are involved. Thorsten Hillmer, for example, will soon be polishing up the cleaning and Dr Christof Duvenbeck the topic BIM get into shape. Inventory, CAD, Operator responsibility, Data migration and Interfaces are also on the list of topics, as well as networking issues and, of course, tips and tricks for your daily work.

You guessed it: when choosing the topics, we draw on the rich fund of our now over 30 years of experience.

And also from the daily impulses we receive from the market and from you. If you still have the impression that a topic is missing, just talk to me. Then we will add it to our list of topics! If you like, you can also contribute your own ideas to this blog - user experience is always interesting and the best advice for other users.

What are topics that move you?

Above I wrote that we can post loosely on a blog. That's true, but we will make it more reliable: The plan is to put a new post online every month.

Once we've warmed up, we'll switch to a fortnightly cycle. As a medium-term goal. So I won't write for much longer, but make room for the next contribution - the first professional contribution.

He's coming - soon 😉


Here we go with our new blog signature MH RIB IMS

update: Here is the first technical contribution.

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