Right in the middle of it - training at IMS

Right in the middle - training at IMS scaled right in the middle
IMS Team Maren Lemmer
Contribution recorded by: Maren Lemmer

Maren has been in training at IMS for almost a year. She now speaks C#, JavaScript, HTML, and her first websites show that she is also familiar with CSS and web design. After work, she kicks or plays the piano - and when "The Crew" gets the fifth star, maybe both together 😉

After graduating, I had the choice: Media or IT? Since I could not decide immediately, I worked once and saved a bit, travel can not hurt.

At the same time I probed that internships in the media sector were either unattractive or overcrowded. But without an internship there is no meaningful picture.

What I expected in IT, I knew against it. So the way was clear: develop applications!

Collegial atmosphere

To IMS I left because I already knew the company. The working atmosphere is very collegial, the people are open and accessible, whoever has questions gets help. I already knew that and that trainee do not program for the trash.

My apprenticeship started on August 1st, 2017, about a year ago. Of course, it was a bit like jumping into the cold water, programming professionally is something else than writing for yourself or at school in computer science.

Direct contact

One of my first tasks was reporting, but I was also able to write a control file and search existing control files for errors. Later it became more demanding: I was allowed to program an import routine for Excel files into a customer's database.

The orders come directly from the programming or consultants. Whoever gives it to me is the contact person. For questions or ideas, the direct line is optimal, the answers come quickly and are sound. This helps to get correct results quickly.

Exciting work

From time to time, however, there is also idle. I used the time together with another apprentice to lay the foundations for Java programming. Here, too, the corresponding programmers support us when we have questions.

After one year of IMS, I can say that I feel very comfortable here. The colleagues are open and helpful, the work is exciting and I learn a lot, even compared to other apprentices I meet in vocational school.

My interim conclusion

For me, the training at IMS is a real stroke of luck.

All the best

Maren Lemmer


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