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Practice counts practice counts
IMS Team Rico Magnera
Contribution recorded by: Rico Magnera

Since August 2017 Rico has been training as application developer. Previously, he looked at computer engineering at university for a year, but practice is just better 🙂 By now, Rico is a Telerik professional, has knowledge of C#, JavaScript and HTML, and is also a good kicker - it all goes to IMS.

I am now at IMS in the Training as application developer, I had already programmed in school time and therefore studied computer engineering for one year directly after graduation. But I wanted more practice. I have that with IMS, quite clearly.

In August 2017, my education began, along with Maren. We do a lot of work as a team. That's good because we can support each other and the four-eyes principle helps to detect mistakes early.

We have both programmed after a short time directly for everyday life. First we created Telerik reports, which has a lot to do with SQL. In between we also program in Java Script, for example dashboards and evaluations.

Work for the practice

Initially, out of curiosity in free phases, we taught ourselves JavaScript and jQuery, but then we got workshops with colleagues, including C #, so we can deliver solid results today. We often work on tasks that are created specifically for a customer. The trust that is placed in us is great. And it's fun too.

This is especially true when customer orders on paper look simple, but under hood are not so easy to implement. If that works then and the customers are happy, that motivates in addition.

Friendly handling

What helps me a lot as a trainee is that all colleagues are very accessible. You can always start with a question and come back with an answer. The relationship is friendly, just with the younger ones in the team. In the breaks, the kicker or the breakfast every second Friday the mood is relaxed and funny. And the bosses are relaxed too.

That IMS training is good, I also see in the vocational school. In comparison, Maren and I are well there, we both have a 1-section. Of course, the first year of apprenticeship is over, but for the next two years, I think, IMS will continue to be well supported by IMS. For example - as stated above - with a view to SQL. And by colleagues like Illya, some of whom were also at the same vocational school.

Again IMS?

With the experience that I have gathered in the meantime, I would have to decide once again whether to have one Training at IMS I would certainly say "yes".

All the best

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