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How is good software controlled so that it gets even better? Answering this question has been my job for a year IMS as the person responsible for quality assurance. The fact that I operated IMSWARE as a user for a long time in my previous job naturally helps me here, because I know the Software and also the user perspective exactly.

Complex? Why, surely.

Software is complex, and this also applies to IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO!. And, of course, my colleagues in development work very conscientiously, as our head of development Kai-Uwe Schiffer already pointed out in his Blog post explained. Nevertheless, with every release, every button and every function wants and needs to be checked anew so that small bumps do not creep in and everything functions safely.

The user in the house

My task here is divided into two roles, both of which pursue the same goal: That the user can work reliably with IMSWARE at all times. Therefore, on the one hand, from the user's perspective, I check every module and each new function and compare the results with the documentation. Are there any deviations? Does everything work as planned? Is the operation coherent?

In the team on the prowl

In the second part of my job, I get tips from colleagues and the hotline about errors or unplanned behaviour of the software. Then it's a matter of reproducing them and documenting all the steps precisely in order to be able to isolate the probable triggers as accurately as possible. Or to be able to describe an operating error. Because:

Quality assured

Direct wires

All the results of my work flow directly back into development or to the hotline, and I in turn receive feedback from the respective department so that we can safely conclude each issue together. A final function test and the complete documentation of all steps is obligatory for this.

The goal is always that the customer gets a programme that is error-free and that he can reliably profit from every innovation. Whether that always works out that way?

Quality assured

With the standardisation of the test procedures, which I have partly new, partly further developed, and the view through the user's glasses, which ensure that everything is taken into account, we have a very resilient basis. Does it work? The clearest answer is probably the success that IMSWARE is enjoying in the market - with a continuing upward trend.


Best regards

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Linda van Meegen
Contributed by: Linda van Meegen

Linda van Meegen is head of quality assurance at IMS. She is an industrial engineer and lets her extensive experience with the implementation and use of CAFM-systems into her work - an important benefit for us and our customers. Linda is married, has one child and spends most of her free time with her family. She particularly enjoys being in nature or reading a book.

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