Roadmap 2022 - What's new?

Roadmap 2022

2022: What comes New in iTWO fm

The new year has begun, and as with every new year, many changes come with it - for iTWO fm that is, of course: Improvements and innovations. What do we have on the roadmap? All kinds!

module Visitor registration

We pay tribute to the pandemic with a complete Revision of the visitor registration Tribute: Among other things, the vaccination status of a visitor can be recorded here in the future to simplify tracking. The data to be saved for this dates are automatically deleted after the legally permissible retention period of 14 days, so that the requirements of the Data protection are fully met.

app Quality Control

New in the portfolio of the iTWO fm apps is the Quality Control app. We have developed it in order to, among other things Mobile support for cleaning control within the framework of quality management.

Graphic programmer

Countdown for Q3-2022

The innovations just mentioned will all be introduced with the release of iTWO fm 6.0 be available in the third quarter of this year. Which means, of course, that we have already defined the next goals. These include:

  • Extensions in construction contracting
  • Extensions in the area of the CAD-Viewers (e.g. support of layergroups)
  • The possibility of colouring corresponding elements in the CAD plan by selecting table contents.


Outlook: Book workstations graphically

Finally, this year we will be tackling the area of Workplace Management. We would like to offer users the possibility of booking a desired workstation graphically, an alphanumeric Reservation of workstations will also be possible. The booking of workplaces will be realised directly in the web browser, in whose window already occupied workplaces will be directly displayed for a better overview. In the context of workplace management, it will also be possible to use iTWO fm with the Workplace Advisor as a part of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure to be coupled.

IMS team Lars-Hilsmann-
Contribution entered by: Lars Hilsmann

Lars is a consultant at RIB IMS, responsible for app development and parts of product management. A self-confessed BVB fan, Lars prefers to spend his free time - when he has it - with his family: football with his sons, tennis with his daughter and relaxed chats with his wife.

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