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Accepted. Me myself. The thought has come to me in my apprenticeship as application developer IMS, Software and programming were my topic, definitely. I stopped studying, that was too theoretical. And the practice?

At the beginning, that was not without its being the first time that one no longer had to amateurish, but to program professionally. Since you already feel the pressure. Where I could always ask my colleagues, or the development manager. That makes it easier.

The hierarchies? Are flat.

And good. that the hierarchies are flat and all by you, to the boss, so to the bosses, because of it there are two. And the ticking is similar: trust in the employees. To demand and promote.

That meant, for example, that me different areas got to know. I started with database development, then worked in the reporting team and got a taste of the consulting business. Now I'm in web development, jumping into the cold, but it was fun because it's complicated. That is also an important point for me:

Programming for the practice

I think who sees himself as a developer, must be prepared to tackle and solve problems. This own motivation makes it. And also knowing that what I'm doing right now will be used by several thousand users. That's a big motivation boost.

With my classmates in the vocational school, things often looked different: Many program the same thing for three years, whether it suits them or not. It just says: "Eat, bird, or die!" And what you program then lands in the bin, so really in the trash from the desktop.

Triple benefit

I do not know that at IMS. Instead, trust in the trainees and challenging tasks. If you're traveling there, it's worth it in three ways:

My education has been very good.
Because I riveted myself, I was able to shorten my apprenticeship by half a year.
And I was - like virtually all trainees in the past 14 years - taken over.

Would I do it again?

If I were back at the beginning and should decide if I would do the training at IMS again, the answer would be clear:


many Greetings

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