The first year with RIB: It's moving forward!

IMS IMSWARE RIB software - first year is progressing well
The first year with RIB: Things are moving forward! mh
Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heinrichs, MA

Michael studied architecture before he discovered software for himself - and so persistently that he has been part of the IMS management team for more than ten years. If you can not find Michael in the office or with clients, he is definitely out with his family, going for a relaxed dive or skiing in winter.

Almost exactly a year ago, the RIB Software SE invested in IMS. And for good reason: We have been among the best on the market for more than 30 years.

Not quite unfounded, this led to some of our market companions for discomfort, because with it we fall suddenly no longer (only) in the category "small but fine", but also "good and big", which changes their market situation noticeably. To observe their reactions is therefore understandable and also a little amusing, because some facts are quite correct.

By being part of the RIB Group, we are now able to access the Group's code, benefit from the know-how and experience of around 1,500 people and consistently map the entire life cycle of a property "from cradle to grave".

Some competitors are forced to fabulate that the IMS has made their list too broad.

Wait a minute ... too broad in the CAFM? In the complex processes of Facility Management? I beg your pardon?

In my opinion, this testifies more to smokescreens in the highly competitive market of CAFM software as of that, the scope of Digitization 4.0 (Keyword: IoT) in our industry.

Those who misunderstand the facts of disruptive technologies (or should they say they are screwed?) Are among those who will face considerable difficulties in a few years due to the many technological challenges. If you still play in the front ...

"RIB - strong partner for IMSWARE and for you", I headlined a year ago at this point. I was wrong in parts. We, RIB and IMS, are strong partners for each other in our market and for our customers. This is shown by the experiences of the past months. Why?

On the one hand, the competence of IMS in the field of facility management must be mentioned. Due to the now very close cooperation with RIB, it is possible to assist our customers with MTWO, the cloud-based platform for the digital building process, offering an integrated solution from the design stage to facility management. So that the entire real estate life cycle in a single system. Planning, design, project space, calculation of finance, e-procurement, operation ... do I have to list more?

IMS is the competence center for FM within the RIB

Of course, 30 years of experience and more than 500 customer projects have shaped us and provided us with the necessary expertise for our customers. When it comes to the operation of buildings and properties, we are now the "one stop solution" for all companies in the RIB Group and have also created internationally scalable solutions in a short time.

For IMS, significant benefits have been gained in other fields

The strong partner RIB has had a positive influence on our background (the group liquidity is currently almost 1/4 billion euros) and gave us the opportunity to expand faster than we were able to do a year ago.

We are investing more in research and development than ever before within the Group and can offer you, as our customers, innovative solutions faster. Future projects in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots or the much-cited Internet of Things not only require the knowledge and the will to implement, but also the framework to do so.

And we have them now.

Or the area BIM

Through RIB we have gained access to an exemplary portfolio in the market. From graphic dealing with BIM data to the strategically and commercial oriented approaches like the TCO assessment of real estate even before its construction, we are now able to serve a wider range of claims. But only where our customers demand it.

The BIM aspect is also of interest to our existing customers who are planning their construction projects with software from RIB. These customers therefore already know today how they will operate their objects later - namely with one integrated solution for BIM and CAFM, even from the cloud.

By the way, did you know that about 70% government uses at least one RIB-product?

Finally, work in the RIB familiy makes it easier for us to step into internationalization - with more than 30 locations worldwide. This perspective is also important to our customers with multi-national lineup.

So it has come true

With RIB, IMS has a strong partner at its side, which opens up a variety of opportunities and opportunities in the market for CAFM, IWMS and BIM. Who appreciates our competence, strengthens and at the same time brings in new impulses. Who opens up possibilities that are otherwise only open to IT giants like Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

What that means?

I also wrote this last year at this point:
Running together - for the future in facility management software!


All the best

The first year with RIB: Things are moving forward! signature MH

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