Why CAFM software is not worthwhile [Update 2022].

Porsche Taycan - nice too, isn't it?


It's a quick decision: CAFM systems are big, expensive, time-consuming, resource-eating and therefore quite often no longer used, once they are paid.

Keller software means that if the software was not even installed. And cemetery software, if it does.

So it is agreed by mutual agreement: CAFM software It's not worth it. Not for caretaker. And certainly not for facility managers.

And the Management?

Managing director, board member, dean, district administrator or mayor? They need that least of all, because they are supposed to run business and not monitor fire dampers or elevators - for Operator responsibility  there are, after all, service providers (and all for little money with almost infinite performance). They also assured us in the interview that everything was fine. And the boss is not liable. How great...

Who needs something like that?

But why then do so many CAFM software provider with even more modules a much bigger fanfare? Are they bored?

Apparently. After all, relocations can be carried out for a very long time without module relocation management: packing crates, placing trucks in front of the door, packing crates, placing trucks in front of the next door, unloading crates, unpacking - and half have disappeared. This ultimately helps in the argument against the tax office in the context of the next tax audit and is therefore very welcome.

Or energy management. Who will need it today? Techem has been counting heat consumption for some time, Esso has always been fuel oil and financial accounting the gray hair, which fails with the ever increasing age anyway. Whether there is a correlation between expenses and tasks, at most, shows up when someone gives up in FiBu.

But rarely happens, so it is not relevant to the operation.

Maintenance by breakdown. How nice...

The topic of space management is also popular with such software solutions. And especially this grandly acclaimed fine differentiation called "breathing cleaning" or "cleaning on demand"! They only spray the dishwashing liquid over the linoleum when needed. After all, your service providers like to spend hours sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet or lifting the hoover! Don't worry about it!

And the carpet is only sucked, if a sufficient saturation of the high-pile carpeting with ashes, crumbs and new gray hair is achieved by sufficient visit in the boardroom. As if the minimum wage cleaning staff had elevated to luxury goods. Simply ridiculous.

Also popular: the maintenance. Of course, it is massively overestimated.

After all, even a computer with some software does not change the fact that something breaks down only when it's broken. And then you notice first that it is broken: "Maintanance by breakdown" is finally displayed reliably just in time. So software is completely useless here too. Admittedly, the advisor's voices rise and declare their mantra of predictive maintenance. The correct translation "algorithm-based glass-ball reading" is probably too long for these little minds.

This would now prove once and for all: CAFM software (here even an attempt at a definition) is completely useless. Costs a lot of money. Costs a lot of time. And no one can handle it anyway. Which, last but not least, invalidates the argument of usability (how do you pronounce that?). That's not too short-sighted, is it?

Buy a new Porsche for the money you save. It's more fun than CAFM software. And it certainly has a Blockchain somewhere.
And it's also a good disguise for the dwindling hair. Better the market leader from Zuffenhausen than the CAFM software market leader. Yeah, no, that's clear.

Or was there something else ...?

Hmmm - you'll probably wonder if CAFM not even has good sides.
And: What is CAFM software anyway? What does CAFM cost? And what's in it?

Granted, something comes to my mind. I'll put that together briefly. On my personal "CAFM list". Further down.


All the best

Why CAFM software is not worth it [Update 2022] signature MH RIB IMS
PS Perhaps the mentioned sports car from Zuffenhausen fooled over the thinning hair. But for legal security in real estate operation, decision-making for the real estate strategy and orderly workflows in FM can not provide the most beautiful 911. On the other hand ... that with this CAFM software... maybe there is something good about it. Take a look 🙂


cost control
  1. Order management with booking and invoicing workflow in one system
  2. Bi-directional connection of third-party software such as FiBu, SAP etc.
  3. Budgeting with automatic update
  4. Cost centers in any depth
  5. Dashboards on the actual status of budgets
  6. Evaluation of costs in tables, charts and graphs
  7. Evaluation according to cost centers, properties and other freely definable parameters
  8. Automatic alerts when setpoints are exceeded
  9. Orders directly from the CAFM system
  10. AB comparison of investments, real estate and locations
  11. Defining limit values and determining benchmarks
  12. Monitoring of consumption
  13. Detection and definition of optimization potentials
  14. Consumption-optimized building control
  15. Cost-oriented maintenance
Can you think of anything else? Write to me.
Why CAFM software is not worth it [Update 2022] mh RIB IMS
Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heinrichs, MA

Michael studied architecture before he discovered software for himself - and so persistently that he has been part of the IMS management team for more than ten years. If you can not find Michael in the office or with clients, he is definitely out with his family, going for a relaxed dive or skiing in winter.

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