Working student at IMS

Working student at IMS

The reasons to work as a working student are different. The one needs the money, the other seeks practice to theory or simply wants to stay up to date. For me, it was a bit of everything when I was at IMS working student started.

For three semesters I have been studying Applied Computer Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Previously, I had been training as an application developer, so I have a lot of prior knowledge and skills that I do not want to lose.

Door Opener

IMS has opened many doors for me here: I develop regular products and for the practice. Knowledge of HTML, Java Script and CSS for the user interface of the software is required, as well as SQL and C # for working on databases and in the backend. In principle, one can also work here with special knowledge, IMS is very open.

IMS is also flexible in terms of working hours. Yes, according to how my semesters are divided, we put my working hours on suitable days of the week. Currently I'm on Thursdays and Fridays in the company. If there is an exam, working days can also be postponed. That really makes it easy.


Why I like to work as a working student? The Education provides very intensive theoretical knowledge, in particular modeling, logic, data structures, algorithms and the strategies associated with them. Of course, basic is also part of an education, but here it is many times more intense.

It is a real advantage, I think, to be able to apply and test this theoretical knowledge as a student student directly in practice. I also like the fact that the developers at IMS are open to my thoughts because the exchange brings additional knowledge. And the other advantages?


It is important to me that I can finance my studies by working as a working student. I can integrate the work into my everyday life and do not have to sacrifice a semester break. I can put my new knowledge into practice, keep my practical experience at a high level, and stay up-to-date. That's good for the moment, but even better for the future:

At some point my studies are completed, and for the following applications the combination of theory and practice is certainly an important advantage.


Best regards

Working student at IMS Simon Lemmer RIB IMS

IMS Team Simon Lemmer
Contributed by: Simon Lemmer

Simon is a working student at IMS on the development of IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO! involved. He is not a bone-dry data nerd, however: Simon has been playing the piano for 14 years, sometimes incidentally also at performances in the Schlosstheater Moers, to whose company he counts. And then he's still a bit of a nerd - when he's gambling on the computer in his free time.

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