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Census and property tax reform - Best practice with iTWO fm

With a CAFM system most people think of sober Space and building management, Rental Management and incidental expenses. The fact that the currently running Census and the upcoming property tax reform can be mastered, shows George Therefore, Head Facility Management in the Baunataler Diakonie Kasselin this best practice example.

At present two interviews on the census in Germany is being implemented. On the one hand, the counties and cities will be Residential homes and special forms of housing and within the framework of the microcensus, the Land Offices survey the Housing situation determined.

Municipal census

The data provided by the statistical authorities Online forms can be entered manually on a small scale. In a case like ours with Over 50 residential homes and over 1,000 residentsthat needs to be presented, it is better to use one's CAFM-System and in the end improves his own Databasealso to be prepared for the next census.

As you know iTWO fm in principle class-oriented. As users, we have the possibility, standalone create classes, add attributes within the class and link classes together. The connections can be made in Tree structures or through Relationships be solved among each other. Thanks to this valuable process flow the user can create complex solutions with just a few clicks.

We as the Baunatal Diakonie Kassel have the Default settings of iTWO fm for our structure building in use and have been using these three regular classes for many years:

Census and property tax reform census property tax cafm graph 1 RIB IMS

For the municipal census, only the correct attributes or data fields are necessary in the classes. They are:

  • - The key number of the General Municipality Key (AGS) is stored in the "City" class.
  • - In the class "Location" we have entered the address data
  • - In the class "Buildings" are to be found:
  • o NRF netted areas of the building
  • o Contact partner in the house
  • o Occupancy figures target / actual
  • o Building type
  • o Building use

From these dates we create in the Report generator a report, which is then published as Excel spreadsheet to the census office is sent. In Hesse, the municipalities accept the data in this form.

Microcensus Covenant

The case is somewhat different for the federal microcensus. For this we have received from the statistical office a Excel template file which is to be filled in and returned to be entered into the country's database. To make the process as automated to design, it is necessary to meet the required additional attributes for the table format of the country office in iTWO fm to be supplemented, or it is necessary to consider which existing data are usable. This step is quite simple, as the following points are added to the above classes:

As Identification number In the "Buildings" class we have the building cost centre used.

In the "Location" class, street name and house numbers must be entered as separate fields be prepared. For an address with overlapping house number such as "Beethovenstraße 2-6", the formats are to be laid out and broken down somewhat differently:

  • 1. the street name "Beethovenstraße
  • 2. the from number: "2
  • 3. the bis number "6

Implementing this formatting is a bit of work, but it offers the following for the future various options, create reports without having to reprocess the data strings over and over again.

In the class "Building", further attributes are required. For example, the designation "energy carrier" becomes an Reference numberThe same applies to the heating and building type. Here we have created pointer tables in iTWO fm, with which we can the additional requirements can use in the attributes.

For the Land Office of the Census, the following are also All tenants or residents with living space and cold rent in one Second spreadsheet list. For this purpose, we use for each occupying person the identification feature used in the class "Building". Cost centre as Reference. In this way, the census office can Link establish who lives in which house.

In our case, I had to take a somewhat roundabout route to a solution, as we are only in the process of Rental management module into iTWO fm. In the CAFM system we only have access to the living spaces of the residents, but their names and the specific cold rents are missing. We have obtained these from our accounting programme and have used the Excel exchange files compiled the data for the microcensus. Those who already use the rental management can use this Save workaround and generate the complete data package directly from the iTWO fm.

Property tax reform

For the property tax reform, the process for Almost 150 buildings and 1 million m² of floor space is somewhat more complex. The basis is the Land register module in iTWO fm necessary, which is basically a Land register is. This has advantages, because sometimes buildings are not on one parcel, but on several, or there are various buildings on one parcel. Here we have in coordination with the tax office the divisions of the areas are clarified in advance so that the data can be recorded appropriately.

In iTWO fm we work in house with the following structure, which in turn is based on the standard (We use the class "plot" under "location"):

Census and property tax reform census property tax cafm graph 2 RIB IMS

What needs to be clarified in this complex is, which parcel must be assigned to which building. We solve the right simply in iTWO fm and without changing the existing data. Only a relationship class must be set up between the classes "Building" and "Parcel", through which all parcels are one assignment find. An additional attribute with a distribution factor solves special cases in very unfavourable constellations.

As a result, we get a rather large, but for the message usable at the tax office Report. Unfortunately, the tax office does not accept digital data for importing, so we have to enter all information manually via the Elster portal have to enter. However, due to the clear structure of the report, all data is clearly assigned and can be used by the employees. entered online without errors become.

Since the input masks in Elster are somewhat different in each federal state and the property tax procedures are also sometimes differing specifications If you have a different model, it may be necessary to deviate in some details. iTWO fm is, however Flexible enoughto create a appropriate approach to create.


With CAFM software, the municipal census, microcensus and property tax reform can be simple master. Many basic data are already maintained in the system, sometimes fields need to be added. Necessary relationships can be established easily. The subsequently generated reports can be sent directly to the census competent bodies handed over, in the case of the property tax reform, they serve as a reliable basis for the College to use the Elster forms online. error-free to fill.

Census and property tax reform Georg Daher RIB IMS
Contribution recorded by: Dipl.-Ing. Georg Daher

Management Facility management
Baunataler Diakonie Kassel e.V.

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