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RIB IMS is a software manufacturer. And: RIB IMS is very successful!

That is why we are always looking for talented, committed and interested people to enrich our team. At our locations in Dinslaken, Berlin, Philippsburg, Lucerne and Dubai. Or in freelance work, as a working student or intern.

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Career at RIB IMS GmbH
Career and work at the RIB IMS

Why to RIB IMS?

That is a good question. There are various CAFM-vendors in the country. There are more software houses everywhere. And Dinslaken is not the navel of the world, even if our car registration number DIN suggests otherwise.

So we have to have something to offer - and we do. For sure!

Your Entry into RIB IMS

We offer the right career opportunities for every profile, so you can hit the ground running.

IT specialist for application development - that's a long job title filled with diverse content: App developer. Web developer. Database programmer. Front-end programmer. Interface developer. Or maybe you prefer something commercial. What would you like to become?

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