Are you a student? Or are you planning to study something related to real estate? A course of study such as architecture, civil engineering, geodesy or Facility Management? Or in applied computer science? Or simply a degree course with an IT connection?

You want to start as a working student and need the right company where you can already gain relevant practical experience while working?

Or are you looking for a company that can help you with a student research project or your degree? Whether as a Bachelor or Master? In a subject related to IT, networks or real estate?

And that accompanies you with experience and knowledge? So that you are as successful as possible?

Then we should talk to each other!

Studied at IMS

IMS has been assisting students with their research for a long time.

Since 2001, IMS has also regularly participated in research projects

And through our active involvement in university teaching, we know what academic requirements look like. That's why we can support you very broadly - even in communicating with your professors.

Working students as well as Bachelor and Master graduates find an extensive working basis at IMS:

If it is helpful for your academic success, you have direct access to our programmers, consultants and project planners. You can use our software. You can access the company's knowledge resources. Or you can use our partner network. Or all of the above.

Let's team up!

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If you would like to find out more about training or an internship at IMS, the easiest way to contact us is this:

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