Onboarding at IMS

We agree. You start with us. And then?

Every new employee has to get to know the company - and the company has to get to know the new employee.

In order for this to work out well, everyone who relaunches at IMS has a direct contact person, who communicates essential processes and procedures, answers questions openly and transparently, and ensures that every new team member finds his way quickly and easily.

IMS Onboarding - Meeting Meeting

Onboarding at IMS is easy, because the IMS team is open and inclusive.

Talk to us if you have questions. That is the easiest way. Everyone will be happy to answer you, give information, continue to help. That's for sure.

At our regular breakfast, you meet your direct colleagues and many other employees for a relaxed chat and quickly get to know other people at IMS.

You kickerst? Then you will surely find your way even faster, because we have our own kicker league. With single players and with two-person teams. And should you start in the middle of the season, you just play warm up to the start of the next with your new colleagues.

And the intranet keeps you up to date, for example about new colleagues, won projects and internal events.