We are RIB IMS

RIB IMS has been around since 1987 and we've been making software from the start. And software for complex requirements. We have grown from telephone management to network management to facility management.

And today? We are among the best providers of CAFM and network management solutions in the German and European market, with well-known customers and many sophisticated solutions.

Our main product is called iTWO fm. At its core, it's software designed for CAFM, IWMS, cable and Network Management as well as being used cheaply. In fact, all areas can be integrated into a single product, which is quite complex. But that is not all:

iTWO fm has also been available as a cloud solution (HTML5 web client) since 2015. The system can also be used on-premise if required. iTWO fm uses the same databases as all our solutions and can therefore also be used by customers who want a careful changeover to cloud technology (and who have previously been using our proven client-server system). This means that users can operate both solutions in parallel and meet a wide range of requirements. And if that's not enough?

Of course, we still have specific apps on offer. They are tailor-made for the little things that have to be done in everyday life. We are constantly developing new apps to meet other customer needs. All apps are available for both iOS and Android.

We are RIB IMS
This is what sets RIB IMS apart


In addition to our software, we offer our customers a wide range of services. It includes for example:

  1. consultation
  2. planning
  3. conception
  4. messaging
  5. Training
  6. Hosting & SaaS

In addition, we create individual solutions for customers who can not or do not want to use a standard application for a variety of reasons.

In total

In summary, RIB IMS is a software provider that serves the peripheral areas of its core business with just as much commitment as the pure software issues.

Thus, we offer an important added value, which customers really appreciate.

And our employees too.

who RIB IMS familiar - numbers are Facts

RIB IMS has carried out over 500 projects for customers, currently more than 52,500 users use solutions based on iTWO. In order to be able to serve our customers as well as possible, RIB IMS has a total of three locations in Germany as well as one in Switzerland and one in Dubai.

Industry by RIB IMS

RIB IMS does not have a narrow industry focus. Our software solutions are used in many different industries. This includes

  • Automotive
  • banks and insurance companies
  • Energy service
  • Facility Management Service Provider
  • Trade and Retail
  • Industry
  • Hospital, clinics, care
  • Sports facilities
  • Housing industry

iTWO also supports customers from the community, education and social sectors:

  • Cities and municipalities
  • ministries
  • Church carrier
  • social facilities
  • Sports facilities

Customer by RIB IMS

RIB IMS has customers from many areas, of different sizes and with differing demands and goals. Some of these are: Audi

  • Dekra
  • KVNO Dusseldorf
  • City of Münster
  • Zoo Hannover

On this page you will find a largely complete overview of our Customer.

Partner by RIB IMS

In addition to our customers, there are also important partners who help us to optimally design customer solutions.

They are specialists in real estate measurements, for server hosting, cloud connections and accompanying software products that make it even easier for our customers to be successful with iTWO.

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