When our customers talk about us, they often just say "IMS". That's a good thing, because we are characterized by being able to get to the essentials quickly.

We have been in the software market since 1987. Today we see ourselves as a driving force in our industry. At our four locations in Berlin, Dinslaken, Philippsburg and Zurich, over 70 employees work in development, support, sales and service for our customers. And with more than 2,500 employees worldwide, as part of the RIB group, we are also excellently positioned internationally.

The core product is iTWO fm, a software that is used in projects for a variety of complex management tasks. We are leaders in computer-aided facility management (CAFM / IWMS), property management, cable and network management (iTWO net), planning and management of FTTx, fiber optic or fiber optic networks (iTWO fttx) or integrated billing solutions ( iTWO ict). Our development and implementation close to the market is what sets us apart.

The iTWO family stands for simple operation and quick results, for strategic integration and long-term benefits - with "Made in Germany" as a seal of quality.

Working across industries, we are always open to new requirements and create result-oriented solutions in a timely manner.


We stand for that our word.

As a grown, medium-sized company, RIB IMS stands for reliability, constancy, commitment, competence and an appreciative approach to employees, partners, service providers and customers. We focus on healthy growth and prudent action, promoting talent and appreciating performance. We rely on professionalism and humanity in dealings, both inside and outside the company. We give our employees a clear idea of our goals and live them in management every day.

Why to RIB IMS?

That's a good question. There are several CAFM providers in the country. There are more software houses everywhere. And Dinslaken is not the navel of the world, even if our license plate DIN suggests otherwise.

So we have to have something to offer - and we have. Certainly!

Even if it sounds a bit wide-legged: Yes, it's true. RIB IMS is good. And that's not what we say, but the performance matrix of the CAFM manufacturers in Germany. We have been in the top group there for a long time. It is characterized by competence and sustainability. So we know what we're doing. We know what to do soon. And we do both very professionally. This is also evident from the results that our trainees have achieved over the years. There will hardly be a company with such a good average result as RIB IMS. It is not quantity that makes the difference. It’s great!
RIB IMS on the Lower Rhine

And Why to the Lower Rhine?

Our location in Berlin should be well known. Or at least the city. RIB IMS is headquartered in Dinslaken. That is on the Lower Rhine. And there it is great!

On the Lower Rhine, short distances, low-cost rents, nature and relaxation combine with cool locations and the diversity of the Ruhr area and the metropolises of Düsseldorf and Cologne. Or just to the sea?

Why not? The North Sea is not two hours away! Like Amsterdam. And also The Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels or Frankfurt am Main can be reached in less than three hours.

So much concentrated variety, diversity and culture is otherwise difficult to find. And the rents here remain civil. By the way, house prices, too. If someone wants to stay longer - like our employees.

And you, once you're here.

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Admittedly, this is only a small insight and of course filtered through our glasses. Still, it's worth talking to us. Or apply straight away. We are constantly looking for more employees, because RIB IMS is growing and still has a lot of potential.

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