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The customers of RIB IMS are active in many industries.

In the course of our many years of experience, we have met diverse industry-specific requirements in iTWO fm implemented.

Customers of RIB IMS benefit from this in many ways. We have compiled a list of our customers for you here.

Customers Our Customers RIB IMS

These users already benefit from iTWO fm

We want every customer to get exactly what they want. A large number of companies, institutions and municipalities prove that we are successful in this. They already manage their processes with iTWO fm. We are particularly pleased about these references. If you would like to be one of them, feel free to contact us.


Observing the development of IMSWARE shows that IMS responds to the wishes and suggestions of customers and users. There have been many improvements in the handling, or usability, of the software without turning it inside out. This makes it easier for users to deal with the product.

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Good customer service, professional support and IT-power!

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Important was the introduction of the ticket system for orders of the specialist users and fault messages of the building users. Now it is possible to process a message from order to billing via the software. Through the reduction of information losses and immediate feedback to the client, an immediate increase in user satisfaction is achieved.

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Some of our users

  1. ADAC Hesse-Thuringia e.V.
  2. Albstadtwerke GmbH
  3. Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services
  4. Alliander AG
  5. Alno AG
  6. Alshabab Club and Football Company
  7. Al Tayer Group
  8. Assono Hungary Telecommunications Ltd.
  9. Atrey Facility Management
  10. AUDI AG
  11. Auxilio GmbH
  12. Federal Foreign Office Berlin
  13. Axis GmbH

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