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RIB IMS is happy to support research projects, because iTWO fm is software that makes it easy to manage and control complex systems and requirements. That's why it's easy for us to think outside the box and explore the true limits of our system.

We particularly enjoy getting involved in challenging research projects - we have been participating in scientific studies of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2009.

In interdisciplinary Teams we have developed concepts for civil security and laid the foundations for innovative software solutions.

Our daily work also benefits from the interdisciplinary research work of RIB IMS. By involving iTWO fm in ever new tasks, we also broaden our view for further improvements in the interest of our customers.

Advantages through research

  •   User-specific mapping of different processes and workflows
  •   Flexible interfaces to external systems (MTWO, SAP, GIS, NMS etc.)
  •   Connection to building automation systems and building management systems (GA, GLT, BMS, IoT)
  •   Data supplier for people flow simulation
  •   Monitoring of safety-related equipment
  •   Localisation of weak points in the infrastructure
  •   Visualization of user-specific processes and information
  •   Data collection and consolidation in a database environment
  •   User-specific evaluations

Outstanding are two research projects

In the years of RIB IMS research, two projects have proven to be outstanding:

  • Spider
  • MulikOSi

Both projects were accompanied by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. They have created marketable results and also provided diverse impulses for the development of iTWO fm / IMSWARE. Our customers also benefit from this.

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iTWO fm achieves a lot - also for you:

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