CAFM for Automotive

Facility Management reliably timed

The automotive industry is running at high speed. So must a CAFM system. Fast, flexible, reliable and intuitive to use is iTWO fm has been used by automotive companies for many years:

Whether Maintenance, maintenance, Helpdesk and ticket system. Whether construction management, space planning, room management and BIM. Whether Energy management or budget planning. Whether operational safety ordinance (BetrSichv) and operator obligations.

iTWO fm is proven in each of these areas. The CAFM solution enables Predictive MaintenanceIt flanks just-in-time processes, can integrate IoT technology and support the performance of your production.

But the best thing is: it creates security and an overview in the process.

Describe your goals to us - we will be happy to advise you on the solution.

FM for Automotive - Your advantages:

  •   efficiency increase
  •   Avoid production stops
  •   Accelerate reaction times
  •   Key figures and use KPIs
  •   Integrate IoT
  •   Strengthen sustainability goals
  •   Create legal certainty
  •   Time and costs save
  •   Increase flexibility
  •   Optimize FM processes
FM Automotive

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