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Banks also have to use their own money as profitably as possible. On the stock exchange and in investments as well as in their real estate. With iTWO fm banks maintain an overview of their diverse real estate portfolio - whether in property or rented.

Head office, branches, self-service centres or vending machine locations can all be mapped and securely controlled with your specific requirements. Key figures enable the comparison of cleaning costs, energy consumption and other parameters that are decisive for economic property operation.

The Operator responsibility can be individually flanked in accordance with the applicable national laws and guidelines and thus support the risk management on the real estate side.

Security is also flanked iTWO fmwhether it is fire protection, access control or the Maintenance of the alarm systems. This performance of iTWO fm is convincing:

Today, numerous savings banks and credit unions use iTWO fm, as do large national and international financial institutions.

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  • GEFMA certified
  • Fiducia certified
  • Secunet audited
  • Commercial FM
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