FM Software for Trade & Retail

So that you can act safely

Facility Management is a special challenge for trade and retail. Managing them requires suitable FM software - software such as iTWO fm.

Retail properties are demanding: they have to meet many requirements from goods traffic to public traffic, from fire protection to employee safety. If the company is active on a supra-regional level, further aspects become relevant. Because for one and the same property, quite different requirement profiles apply depending on the location:

Provincial laws and various directives make for an almost unmanageable confusion of obligations, also within the framework of the Operator responsibility. Keeping this diversity under control is the domain of iTWO fm.

With numerous modules ranging from space management to asset register, from cleaning to maintenance, from Rental Management to vehicle fleet management and from fire protection to Operator responsibility flanks our proven CAFM system the demanding tasks in Facility management, maintenance, property management and real estate management.

The helpdesk ensures fast order processing. Individual Key figures create an overview and make it possible to also Energy management and sustainability in a transparent manner.

These functions are supplemented by intelligent interfaces to accounting, ERP, HR management and other third-party systems.

Our customer list shows how well iTWO fm meets the requirements of retail companies. It ranges from local department stores to pan-European retailers for consumer electronics to globally present food discounters.

They all manage their daily tasks with iTWO fm -reliable, powerful, cost-sensitive.

Advantages for Trade & Retail

  •   Asset Management
  •   Expansion, key figures
  •   Helpdesk (also as APP)
  •   Maintenance (also as APP)
CAFM trade & retail

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