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Churches and social services provide a variety of services to the community. Accordingly, they have extensive and diverse expectations for their CAFM system.

The basis of most CAFM installations is also in the ecclesiastical environment classical tasks such as space management, cleaning management and maintenance management. Rental management plays a role, as does the issue of long-term lease.

Essential for systems in the ecclesiastical environment are access options for affiliated communities and institutions, with correspondingly regulated assignment of rights.

Social services also have high data protection requirements, the implementation of which is optimally flanked by our in-house data protection officer.

iTWO fm's customers include religious communities of various denominations, bishoprics and dioceses, diaconal groups, social institutions and hospitals under church ownership.

Let's talk about your target, and we help you to achieve it.

Advantages for churches and social organizations:

  •  Action planning
  • project tracking
  • Pastoral information
  • Social information
  • Area and room management
  • portfolio management
  • Construction Project management
  • Organ and community directory
  • Friedhofverwaltung
  • budgeting
  • budget management
  •  Helpdesk
  • Apps for Android & iOS
  •  time savings
  • cost reduction
  •  Optimized FM processes
  • Support with operator obligations
Churches & Social Affairs CAFM

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