Accommodation of asylum applications topic at the 13th IMSWARE User Meeting 2015

Accommodation of asylum applications topic at the 13th IMSWARE User Meeting 2015

How to accommodate asylum seekers with the help of CAFM software can be flanked, shows a best practice lecture at the 13th IMSWARE user meeting. It will take place on 24th November 2015 at Hotel Nikko in Dusseldorf. Participation is free for customers, and interested parties can receive an invitation via IMS. Registration deadline is October 22, 2015. The one-day meeting will feature a series of lectures and workshops for users of IMSWARE.

The day begins with a preview of the upcoming IMSWARE 2016, which will include new search functions, filter options and an expert mode, the extensions to space management, strategic occupancy planning, as well as the Wizzard on room division and room merging, a second preview after the lunch break. Further lectures will explain the conference room management with guest registration and billing as well as the cleaning management including area planning and control with the cloud solution IMSWARE.GO!

In the afternoon of the 13th IMSWARE user meeting, the participants will have the choice between fleet management, defect tracking, integration of GIS into IMSWARE and the distribution view of the network management software IMSWARE.NET in four parallel slots.

The 13th IMSWARE.Anwendertreffen 2015 will take place on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 from 9am to 4pm at the Hotel Nikko in Dusseldorf. Participation is free, only registration is required until October 22, 2015. It is possible by informal e-mail to or with the registration form by fax to +49 2064 49 86 49.

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