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RIB IMS has its CAFM-Software iTWO fm around an efficient BIM-viewer has been extended. This works with different source data and offers a wide range of possibilities for 3D representation, some of which are not yet available on the CAFM market.

RIB IMS has the CAFM software iTWO fm has been extended by a powerful BIM viewer. The viewer can IFC-models of popular BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, as well as other IFC-based models. dates.

A special feature of the BIM viewer is that it generates interactive 3D views directly in iTWO fm from the imported data. These can be rotated and tilted, and sections are possible in every plane. In addition, each model view can be opened up as in an exploded view and thus viewed in its individual parts. As the rendering of the model views takes place directly on the server the BIM Viewer can also be used on end devices with weak graphics cards.

BIM viewer iTWO fm

Graphical queries with the BIM viewer

For more clarity, the new iTWO fm BIM Viewer can additionally colour the BIM model. In addition to freely selectable colouring, references, for example to the DIN 277 so that evaluations can be carried out more quickly, more precisely and thus more effectively.

The integration of the BIM Viewer into the iTWO fm CAFM software is bidirectional. The user can thus jump from a BIM model directly into the CAFM database. It is also possible to jump from the CAFM database directly into the BIM model in order to view it on a case and object basis.

IFC Viewer with iTWO fm

In order not to overload the CAFM database, the iTWO fm BIM Viewer is also equipped with a new mapping tool. It allows only selected data to be transferred to the CAFM system using so-called data drops, so that much of the BIM model content that is not required can remain there.

Like all of that Cloud offer of RIB IMS, the iTWO fm BIM Viewer works fully HTML5-based.

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