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Before joining IMS, Thorsten worked as a draftsman and technician, gained experience as a site manager, was responsible for CAFM and CAD at a major German airport, and studied business informatics. He has been working as a consultant at IMS for many years with this enormous knowledge. Unless he's busy researching, planning, and implementing a large scale for clients, he does so on a small scale, letting his creativity run wild, such as building model ships. What would be closer if you lived by the sea?

CAFM systems are now established and there is hardly an installation without a cleaning module. This is usually used to list the areas and to log the cleaning intervals. Many users are aware that it can also save face value. Many do not know the variety of options.

Estimation Baby

The first big item that helps to save money is the area itself. Just when service provider Hands on, control is better. The reason is that service providers do not measure in every room, but rather estimate the areas. And they often value generously: up to 20 percent more space than actually available can mean that.

By contrast, the FM manager has his space in the system and should be able to evaluate it at the touch of a button. Once the floor coverings have been taken in, a complete area index is available within a few minutes.

If the areas are also provided with markers for their use, it becomes possible to differentiate constantly used traffic areas from normally used offices and seldom used storage rooms. This will turn the area map into a detailed cleaning plan.

Surface Opaque

The area directory can still be optimized. The data for this are also in a well-kept one CAFM system, they still have to be linked.

The data that matters is the furniture, especially those on the floor, such as shelves, cabinets and counters. Each of these furniture occupies area that can not be cleaned. And what you can not clean, you should not have to pay.

Example computing

Therefore, all these shelves should be calculated from the total area. It is worthwhile, as a small example shows, with a standard sideboard measuring 0.40 x 0.80 meters, ie 0.32 square meters.

That sounds like little at first. But there are two in the office, for each of the two employees. Makes 1.28 square meters of unrecoverable space for the first of ten offices.

All ten offices together have sideboards covering 12.8 square meters - that's the size of a small office that can not be cleaned. And that only through the sideboards! If a closet or a shelf adds up, it will add up.

AB test

Is helpful too CAFM software for AB tests. This requires a minimum of two cleaning teams, either in-house groups or you have your own staff clean against service providers or two service providers against each other. Of course, they shouldn't know, because that reduces the quality of the statement.

It can be determined with such a test, for example, who finished faster or delivers the better quality. Those who like it more complex, look for who has the better time-performance relation. Or who provides the better ratio with regard to results and cleaning agents used. Each of these results provides a solid basis for discussing prices or demanding better results.

Incidentally, the comparison of cleaning agents also helps to optimize in-house processes and, if the survey is wide-ranging, even sets benchmarks. Of course, such goals always depend on the time available to the FM manager, and this is known to be scarce.

More ideas

I have published more about cleaning and CAFM in the journal clean & care. We will gladly send you the article, Just ask me.

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