The brand new web based CAFM software IMSWARE.GO! is one of the "Best of" innovation IT awards that Initiative Mittelstand has now presented at CeBIT. IMSWARE.GO! received the award in the category industry software. The apps from IMSWARE were also honored with a "Best of" award. IMS introduces IMSWARE.GO! in just a few days at the FM trade fair for the first time the broad specialist public.

CebitWith IMSWARE.GO! "Introduces the first CAFM client to IMS that integrates seamlessly into enterprise workflows without database modification. As a result, IMS is the first manufacturer in Germany to offer a web option for CAFM that can be practically installed out-of-the-box and used on any end device ", writes Initiative Mittelstand about the new software that still works for the application with her working title IMSWARE.HTML5.

"That IMSWARE.GO! We are very pleased about the Innovation Award IT 2015 in the field of several thousand applicants ", says Michael Heinrichs. "The concept of being able to query and use existing databases completely via a web interface under the modern HTML5 web standard has apparently convinced the jury," continued Heinrichs.

The Innovation Prize IT has been awarded annually since 2004 as part of CeBIT. With it, the Initiative Mittelstand awards special achievements in currently 41 categories. The award ceremony takes place on the first evening of the world's largest IT trade fair CeBIT.

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