Controlled farming

Controlled farming - IMSWARE at the community Barleben

Excel lists make room for central building management. The use of IMSWARE at the Barleben community creates transparency and optimizes internal processes.

With the goal to find an individual and transparent solution for the management of around 32 buildings and an area of 25,000 square meters, the topic of building management in 2007 was high on the to-do lists of the municipality Barleben. In 2010, those responsible could put a check behind the search. The IMS was awarded the contract for the implementation of the facility management solution IMSWARE.

"Lack of time, lack of knowledge and unused synergy effects no longer allowed decentralized building management. With paper and pencil, as well as extensive Excel lists, we had a difficult time ", explains division head Katrin Röhrig. "We were aware of the need to make a difference in terms of quality of use, work productivity and return on investment in bar life. The first steps on the way to computer-aided building management were therefore not long in coming, "said Röhrig.

A project group was founded, plans were drawn up, tasks defined and concrete objectives set, such as: B. the acquisition of the building stock in several stages, the selection process for CAFM software including testing of three other providers as well as the definition of priorities, the incorporation of the construction site into the area of building management and the reorganization of the technical area.

Just manage it: "With IMSWARE we get all the necessary tools that can be individually combined and adapted in Barleben," says project manager and then deputy mayor Jörg Meseberg. "Our personal goal, which we have never lost sight of - to make the new conditions as transparent as possible for the employees". Other benefits were seen by those responsible for the alphanumeric and graphic mapping, the further processing of the CAD plans and the extensive web functions. Reputation and a detailed reference visit to the city of Schneverdingen secured the final decision. In cooperation with a project manager of the IMS and the responsible of the community Barleben, the users learned in two training blocks know all the possibilities of the CAFM system. After analyzing the work processes and data situation, the task prioritization and the order of introduction of the following modules began:

  •   Basic system with CAD
  •   budget management
  •   order management
  •   Maintenance management
  •   portals
  •   Energy management

All building areas have been recorded in IMSWARE and are now available alphanumerically as well as graphically as CAD plans. "This measure led to the immediate saving of working hours," says division manager Röhrig.

When success becomes visible: In the field of maintenance, the municipality is now working on a complete overview of the deadlines and inspection and maintenance plans for the first time. Through constant control, no further appointments are missed and the quality in the field of maintenance is increased considerably.

Division Manager Katrin Röhrig continues: "We are also many steps ahead in the field of energy management. The entire meter structure of all properties is currently displayed in IMSWARE. Our meter readings are now updated with the help of Decentralized IT technology and centralized in the building database on iOS or Android Base filed. Automatically calculated key figures provide significantly better transparency about the consumptions. Building-related parameters make the buildings comparable with each other and enable us in the future to take targeted measures to reduce consumption and costs. Important for the community was the introduction of the ticketing system for orders of the specialized agencies and malfunction reports of the building users. Now it is possible to process a message from the order to the billing via the software. Reducing information loss and direct feedback to the client will result in immediate, higher levels of user satisfaction, "says Röhrig.

Making the daily processes more efficient was a decisive criterion for all those involved in the Barleben community to use a CAFM software. What used to be compiled from countless Excel lists is now done at the push of a button.

Innovation and future: Finally, Katrin Röhrig revealed: "Of course the community Barleben wants to use further possibilities of the CAFM software for the future. There is a need for optimization in contract management, a centralized electronic locking system will be introduced for existing buildings and various objects will be converted to LED interior lighting. The demands placed on employees due to the development in building automation are constantly growing. Here the building management department will check to what extent processes can be supported and improved by the CAFM software ".

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