We are expanding iTWO fm with three new apps

iTWO fm Apps - Three new apps: Maintenance, Asset, Warehouse

RIB IMS expanded iTWO fm
around three new apps

With three new apps, RIB IMS expands the performance spectrum of the CAFM solution iTWO fm. The Asset app helps with inventory, the Maintenance app supports maintenance processes and the Warehouse app improves warehousing operations.

The three new apps are characterised by high user-friendliness and simple operation. They work both with the server- such as the web-based iTWO fm together. If they have a network connection, the dates directly. Otherwise, they work in offline mode. The dataset can then be updated as soon as they are online again.

App asset

With the Asset app, inventory and existing assets already in the system can be quickly relocated, for example after moves. The entry is made with a smartphone or tablet PC, its camera or a hand-held scanner. After scanning the barcodes, the objects are reassigned after synchronisation with iTWO fm automatically. The app's very simple and intuitive operation makes it ideal for on-site managers and removal personnel.

new apps - App Asset

App maintenance

The App maintenance supports testing and maintenance work, the processing of fault reports and also enables new faults to be recorded. It offers every employee of the maintenance for each task a clear workflow, who in iTWO fm is set individually for each app user in advance. In this way, errors are avoided and tasks are processed quickly and safely - in the Facility Management as well as in the network topology.

new apps - app maintenance

App warehouse

The App warehouse supports the module Warehousing in iTWO fm. Workflows guide the employees through the processes from storage and transfer to the removal of goods. It is also possible to compare an order with the corresponding delivery. High-value items can be checked individually, provided with individual barcodes and assigned to unique recipients. Delivery notes with photo attachments and receipts can be generated directly in the mobile device and signed on the device. All this ensures complete documentation and improves legal security.

new apps - App Warehouse


The three new iTWO fm-The Asset, Maintenance and Warehouse apps are now available for iOS and Android available and can be downloaded from the corresponding app stores.

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