European Energy Award

European Energy Award

"Through the eea energy and climate protection becomes an issue in our community again!"

This is a quote for the European Energy Award. Due to the almost daily news about climate and environmental policy, one would have to assume that this topic will not even disappear from the desk. But the capacities of most cities, municipalities and districts are exhausted. So a broad topic like energy and climate protection often falls by the wayside at the administrative level.

Professional support is provided by the European Energy Award - the programme for implementation-oriented energy and climate protection policy in Cities, municipalities and districts. More precisely, it is a quality management system and certification procedure to identify and use potentials of sustainable energy policy and climate protection. As a nationally accredited eea consultant and through the use of state-of-the-art methods and approaches, we accompany and support cities, municipalities and districts in the implementation of the European Energy Award (eea).

The energy and climate protection activities are recorded, evaluated, planned, controlled and regularly reviewed by the consultant. Verifiable and successful achievements as well as results of a municipality confirmed by the auditor are awarded with the European Energy Award or the European Energy Award Gold. Our free white paper on this topic is available here. Identifying savings potential, driving forward the energy concept and climate protection programme, improving cooperation, systematic recording and bundling of activities, communicating successes to the public, improving the image of the municipality, more efficient planning for the future - by participating in the European Energy Award, you can achieve visible success and set an example.

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