Extensive updates for IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO! - User Meeting 2016

Extensive updates for IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO! - User Meeting 2016

At the IMSWARE user meeting on November 8th in Neuss, IMS now has the latest software generations of its CAFM- and Network Management-Solutions IMSWARE and IMSWARE.GO! presented. Besides improvements and innovations in the programs, there are also new modules.


IMSWARE has experienced extensive enhancements below and on the surface. In this way, IMSWARE 2017 can manage much more memory, which in turn increases the performance of the software, especially when working with large CAD files.

The search functions have been extended, which now also supports attributes of the "Function" and "Select" type in the object search and in the table generator. For this purpose, the call of dialogues or actions can now be stored directly as tiles in a Favorites window and is thus immediately available when needed.
Thus, the worlds of cloud and fixed installation continue to grow together, as the look and operation are even more closely aligned.

A newly introduced dialogue to complete an inventory increases the security of the work results. Immediately visible are the revised icons of the function tiles on the user interface. For this, IMSWARE 2017 also offers new design templates, so-called themes, with which the user interface can be customized in any color and customized to suit the individual company.


The cloud based CAFM solution IMSWARE.GO! With a new resource calendar, orders can be directly assigned to an employee via a familiar appointment window, thus facilitating resource planning. The flexible solution also takes over the map display based on OpenStreetMaps, which was recently introduced with IMSWARE. It allows you to map any objects directly on a map and, for example, filter them according to object types.

In addition, IMS is donating its cloud solution IMSWARE.GO! four new modules, These are:
- Module notification
- Module Energy Management
- Module Medical Technology
- Module locking system management

Maximum customer benefit

"The innovations in the IMSWARE family underline once again our commitment to delivering maximum customer value and a leading position as a provider of integrated CAFM and network management solutions," said Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS, at the launch of the new software release. Generations as part of the IMSWARE user meeting.

The new software versions IMSWARE 2017 and IMSWARE.GO! are coming soon IMS available. IMSWARE.GO users! get the new features automatically by update. The new modules can be licensed immediately if required.

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