Once more fully GEFMA 444 certified

Once more fully GEFMA 444 certified

The server-based CAFM solution IMSWARE and its web-based Cloud-Sister IMSWARE.GO! are now listed according to all 14 criteria catalogues of the recently amended GEFMA 444 certified.

The requirements of the new catalogue "Budget management and cost tracking" mastered the CAFM-solution with flying colours. The exam covered all 14 catalogues, besides the new catalogue A14 budget management and cost tracking, also the revised catalogue A06 Room and Asset Reservation. On site at Dinslaken, they inspected IMSWARE both on the basis of the on-premise solution and by means of the HTML5-based cloud variant IMSWARE.GO! Both completely convinced the testers.

The recertification is valid until June 2018. Overall, it is the fourth GEFMA 444 certificationwho received IMSWARE.

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