IMS and Diamant Software agree on cooperation

IMS and Diamant Software agree on cooperation

IMS and the Diamond software have agreed a partnership. Diamant Software specializes in SME accounting software. Both companies have already successfully implemented projects with joint customers in the past and want to deepen and intensify this positive cooperation through the now agreed partnership.

The connection of CAFM software Accounting software is one of the most important interfaces between building management and household of companies, municipalities and FM service providers. The seamless and smooth integration improves and accelerates processes and provides greater security across the entire service and document chain.

"From our experience with mutual customers, we know that the way IMS and Diamant work together fits very well," says Klaus Artmeyer, Partner Manager at Diamant Software, and continues: "Both manufacturers offer a secure and coordinated integration and can make sure that the customer has a smooth and fast project success. "

"With the partnership that has now been agreed, we are intensifying the systematically networked implementation of our products, from which customers will benefit even more," adds Michael Heinrichs, Managing Director of IMS. The partnership between Diamant Software and IMS has already been sealed by contract. The companies will plan and implement joint activities in the future.

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