IMS donates extensive updates to its apps

IMS donates extensive updates to its apps

IMS has its five Apps for Facility Management extensively revised. Updates to the app quintet include graphical enhancements as well as custom functionality enhancements. The integration of devART libraries improves the database compatibility of all apps. The IMSWARE.APP Inventory, IMSWARE.APP Energy, and IMSWARE.APP Maintenance also got the new 2018 layout. It provides a better overview and is particularly useful for small screens, is more intuitive and modern. A large number of individual extensions complete the comprehensive updates of the IMSWARE.APPS:


The revised App Inventory makes it even easier to record assets and make inventories even faster. In addition to rooms now any additional locations can be specified, and also manually - useful if the GPS has no reception. Time-dependent attributes take inventory as well as attribute groups and required fields. It can also be used as an app for data acquisition.

IMSWARE.APP Maintenance

The Maintenance maintenance app has been given a completely new user interface and offers its users even more convenience: they can change predefined processing steps and also enter processing steps for third parties - for example, to include experts in an order. The article selection is now multi-client capable so that technicians will only be shown the relevant article selection for them. Faults detected during maintenance can now be issued directly as a message or an order. For a better overview, messages in the mailbox are now marked in different colors for each status.


The app for Meter reading Energy already includes the new Pixometer libraries. As a result, even more meter types are read out automatically and the reading workflow is accelerated. Overdue meters and counters whose reading date has been exceeded will be highlighted accordingly.


The Helpdesk support app has received a number of minor enhancements and has been optimized for coordinate calculation. The history of orders is now better to use.


The App Asset for fast location comparison of inventory and objects after relocations is now also localized in French. For this purpose, she has received a trace button for advanced troubleshooting.

All apps work with client-server installations of the CAFM Systems IMSWARE and the CAFM Cloud Solution IMSWARE.GO! use. All new updates are already available for Android on the Google Play Store and for Apple on the App Store for iOS. We will gladly give you more details information desk.

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