IMS recertified as the first CAFM provider

IMS recertified as the first CAFM provider

Quality and safety all along the line. As the first CAFM provider ever has the IMS with the Software solution IMSWARE all twelve criteria catalogs according to GEFMA 444 edition 2012-01 completely fulfilled. As part of the current recertification, IMSWARE has for the first time certified a CAFM software in the areas of energy controlling, safety and health and environmental protection management. This is the first time modules in the field of Operator responsibility tested for GEFMA conformity and accepted. In addition to a basic catalog, other criteria include area, maintenance, inventory, cleaning, reservation, locking system, removal and rental management. This maps the complete ring of the CAFM modules. And not just a section, as usual with other providers. Be on the safe side, rely on certified software with the full certificate of the new GEFMA 444 (as of February 2014). "We see recertification as an important contribution to quality assurance for our users." Christian Bernhart "the successful testing of the new modules is also an indicator of the performance and the comprehensive functions of the software. This also represents an important selection criterion for those interested, "concludes Bernhart.

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