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Innovative technologies through strengthened IMS development team

In the course of the expansion to Philippsburg and Berlin has the IMS GmbH from Dinslaken successfully completed the restructuring and significant expansion of its development department. As part of this process, all processes were redefined on the basis of agile software development ("Scrum").

System development at the highest level requires specialist know-how in state-of-the-art technologies. In the last few months, IMS has been able to recruit highly qualified software developers with many years of experience for all three locations. This ensures the development of future-oriented and innovative system solutions.

"We are focusing on the future of our software development," commented Dr. Christian Bernhart, Managing Director of IMS. "Necessary decisions had to be made to complete a successful restructuring. We have created important conditions for continuing to serve our target markets with innovative, state-of-the-art software. Without question, the high quality for our customers and partners is guaranteed. ", Says Bernhart.

The restructuring of software development is already showing initial success, as IMS is currently launching a new building block for the management level.

The new dashboard, also called key figures cockpit, creates a central, system-independent visualization of large amounts of data and prepares them in condensed form. The basis for efficient use of the dashboard is the intelligent networking of external and internal data sources. The easily readable results are presented web-based. The cockpit can be used from any location.

Tables, diagrams and KPIs (key performance indicators) ensure a clear presentation of the selected indicators, illustrate historical considerations and consolidate data according to the application.

"The development of the dashboard is the result of current management-level requirements. This, in turn, shows us that Facility Management is becoming more and more of an issue on the executive floors, "Dr. Christian Bernhard. "We rely on the latest technologies: maximum functionality with simple operation."

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