IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 with a new dashboard designer and end-to-end report

iTWO fm.GO! 4.0 Dashboard Designer End-to-End Report

The CAFM-Cloud solution IMSWARE.GO! brings two innovations to the CAFM market in the new version 4.0: With the Dashboard Designer, dashboards can be highly customised and adapted to user needs. The new End-to-End Report automates reporting including signatures in a new dimension. In addition, IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 brings many detail improvements.

Dashboard designer

The newly developed Dashboard Designer in IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 allows users to design evaluations and displays exactly for their individual requirements. Every available data source in the system can be used for a dashboard. Different data sources can be placed next to each other in one view, for example to compare consumption. However, it is also possible to use the same dates in different views and evaluations in relation to each other. All dashboards can be saved as tiles and as an entry in the navigation tree and are available at the touch of a button.

End-to-End Report

The new end-to-end report automates important steps of legally compliant documentation. With it, any report within IMSWARE.GO! can be automatically converted into a PDF based on time or event, deposited in the triggering process and sent as an email attachment to specified recipients. Reports can also be presented for signature on any touch-capable terminal before being sent, for example to document briefings, to acknowledge receipts or to sign contracts. This is even possible externally by entering a code, for example to integrate external service providers into the digital process. The email can also be freely designed by using an HTML template of the IMSWARE.GO! mail designer.

More innovations

There are numerous improvements in product maintenance IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 have been incorporated. This includes the fact that it is now possible to jump from an object to any topological views of other modules linked to it, so that all information can be called up directly without changing modules.

The map view has been extended by so-called bubbles. They replace numerous neighbouring pins on a map with a circle with a number corresponding to the number of pins replaced. The pins become visible as soon as the map is zoomed in and the map section is enlarged.

Object management object card

The area maintenance has been extended by many functionalities, including the automatic transfer of material from plans to work orders. Another new feature is the staff change function. It facilitates the exchange of staff in a work context by automatically assigning all tasks of the predecessor to the new person. Also new is the APP device manager, which is now implemented in IMSWARE.GO! 4.0.

IMSWARE.GO! 4.0 is available now.

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