IMSWARE now in Arabic!

CAFM Software Arabic - iTWO fm

IMSWARE is now also available in an Arabic localised version. The language adaptation was realised by our partner IMSWARE Technology from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whose Ministry of Foreign Affairs already uses the software worldwide.

The localisation of IMSWARE has been translated in the following areas:

  •   All surfaces
  • all dialogues
  • Catalogs
  •   pointer
  •   marker
  •   tabs
  •   tables

Also, the direction of the font has been adjusted from right to left, as well as charts and dashboards.

The background for the extensive work has been, among other things, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE wants our CAFM solution IMSWARE has been in place for some time and the software is in use in all UAE embassies, consulates and field offices. In order for all staff to be able to use the system as easily as possible, language adaptation has been necessary.

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